Knighted Under the Crown of Heathfield
Dame McLoughan
Order of Athena

Five foot eight, long chestnut brown hair.
Hazel eyes that can turn green/blue/bronze.
Fair of skin and tall of figure.
Twenty-seven and Single.

Former mail-order-bride:  ~I was part of the rebellion against England until those I held close were killed. I was thought how to fight by me brothers and me dear old father before he passed on. Me brothers have all gone off, two having gotten married, one hung by the neck until he was dead with the Molly MacGuires and three others taking up wanderlust to the colonies. I was going to follow them even if it was rough for a woman in the wilderness, so I hear tell, but this idea was introduced to me. After so many years of living with death about me and surviving I asked meself it there wasn't something more to life. I am older now and if there be more as in love to find, then it would be now before I am too old to bear children for a mon. Being a man wanting a wife, needs her to be able to at least cook, not just hit a bullseye from three hundred yards, haul a hundred pound sack of seed and so forth, I have made the effort to learn. I can say my cooking is edible.~

I came to the lands of Heathfield more than two years ago. The request to the mail-order-bride services turned out to be a ruse. There had been no guarantees in the way it was set up. If the man they were to marry was a puck, they didn't need to hold to the agreement. Same for the man's end of the bargain. It turned out Joseph McDonough was playing a prank on three others who had no clue brides had been sent for. All expenses were paid and the only thing lost would be their time. The other two found a place here with no regrets no matter the ruse. Maggie got engaged to the one she had been set up with. It seemed to work out well. Beth ended up starting up a pet shop which she had a love of animals and a dream of hers to come true. Myself, I was going to go back to Ireland but was convinced to stay on in a land that had remained peaceful for more than a decade, yet promoted the training of warriors on all levels, including women who so desired and had such skills. I was easily, I admit, convinced to stay.

Not all men like to pit themselves against a female. I found out here it was not so much the male's ego but more the fear of hurting a female accidentally. So in a way it was still part of a male's ego as oppose to accidentally hurting another male, or thinking it was less likely. I am not built like a mon but I have speed over bulk and  superior coordination than most men possess. Being smaller, I can dart and dip, end up behind them before they realize it. Still, it is not something most males recognize over the other mindset. I found the training here to be superior as well the males of the likes any seen before. I found it wisest, if I was ever to hold my own being a female set against to start, to watch the practices and train on my own. I've been training hard day and night until I felt I was at the point to try being tested by the men. If allowed but I am determined to find a way and prove myself now that I am ready.

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(Character created 02/17/07. Actress Aishwarya Rai is used only as an idea of how Mo would look. No claims made to any of her pictures. Maturity expected in play and conduct of players or I will ignore. I'm here for the fun of writing, nothing more, nothing less.)

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