Six Foot Three
Dark Hair and Eyes
Twenty-eight Summers

Gypsy blood sears through his veins. His dark looks attested to this quality but there was something more that hinted of ancient warriors and kings. From the mists of time came the story of Clan MacKay. In Ireland from ancient times several tribes lived in the northern tier, which was once part of one of the ancient Scottish kingdoms known as Dal Riata. While most of the clan followed two brothers who were deported to Scotland after a battle lost for kingship, their Clan remained. A young man of the Clan fell in love with a girl of the Tuatha Dé Danann and took her as his wife. Tuatha Dé Danann means 'the race of the gods of Danu', Danu was the mother of all the ancient gods of Ireland. They were the powers of light, life and warmth. The children of the couple were strong in the energies of nature and followed the ancient gods.

In time, another son married a woman who was also descended of the Tuatha Dé Danann. This only strengthened their bond with the gods of old. The family drew the wrath of the Fomhóire, which means 'from the sea' and is the name given to the divine powers, or gods of night, death and cold. They were served by the Fir Bholg, or Men of the Builg. They are human but with one difference - their eyes glow with a strange reddish light during battle.

The descendants of the Fir Bholg began to attack the Clan members whenever they could. In particular, one clan, MacEirc, seemed to hold a deep hatred of the MacKays, often employing members of other clans to attack the MacKays, making it seem as if there were many against them. Finally, in desperation, the head of the clan, Afton MacKay, sent his children away from Ireland in different directions. He hoped they would all find one another in the land of Heathfield where a cousin matriarch was known to be by the name of Hazel MacKay. Their mother died long ago, not long after the birth of Kynan. So far, Ruarc,  Aedan, Mikhail, Kaylea, and Adara Giles, Ruarc's fiancee, have made it to Heathfield. Eimear as well the two younger brothers, Trevet and, Kynan have yet to arrive. They have also received word that Afton has not survived the latest attack and are worried their sister and brothers are captives of the MacEirc.

Battle worn, it was time for him to start a new life. The conflicts at home would continue without them for there was never a settling of matters between warring clans. This he came to realize after years of watching good men die, many friends amongst them. It was a waste of life over chieftains squabbling. It was their father's wish for them to survive and so he came to Heathfield with his brothers Ruarc and Aedan along with their sister Kaylea some years ago. While Ruarc and Aedan found love, he found he had a penchant for the Tarot Cards. A glimpse into the future or one's personality, not to doom but to use constructively.

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