Moncha McKenna McAndrews

Five foot Five
Dark brown eyes
Long black curling hair
Twenty-five summers
Married to Brian McAndrews
From Tralee of Kerry now Ballicastle
Elizabeth Ann, Briana Moncha, Brian Edward

Moncha -Mona- McKenna was first stranded in the lands of a world called Rhydin. It was not by choice but as usual, she made the best of her predicament. She sought the intangible, that which went beyond appearances. The thick ebony hair curled as it pleased giving the hint of the gypsy blood that burned in her veins.

Patience wasn't her forte naturally but by mental discipline she had it nearly accomplished. Slender build held soft feminine curves, ample enough yet held a bit of a tomboyish nature. Druid by training and design, in time her gifts would be known to others as needed. Life held its mysteries as she did hers. Her heart torn a couple of times as she learned to keep a certain distance.


She sold her tavern down at the docks of Rhydin when she ventured to Heathfield to find solace there. In time she met Brian McAndrews and the attraction would not be denied. She had never felt the draw nor feelings he initiated in her heart. Luckily it was shared and in time they married. She moved to Ballicastle with him and so a new step in her life began. A step that brought a happiness she never imagined could exist before.

See with your Eyes but Know with your Heart for the eyes are the windows to the Soul.

*Picture used is to represent how Moncha  would look only. No Claims Made*
(Ignores immature gaming, limited ooc and no rp in IMs)

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