A score ten one
The witch shall come
The son first born
Shall be forewarned
The women all
To death shall fall
A trinket's charm
The curse disarm
Take heed.
Take heed.
Take heed.

The Duke of Falkirk Manor - Ballicastle
Eldest son of the late Alisdair and Maureen Frasier
Capitan of the Flame's Fury 
....Flame's Fury is his Lady
(and what a Lady she is!) 
They have this understanding. A mutual trust. She moves beneath him with assurance and grace. He guides her with a firm, yet loving, hand. The Sea, his mistress, taught him that what one thinks to be ... is not always the way of it.


The Highwayman (10-07-04)  *  Gato de la Nave Tavern (10-21-04)  *  Take Heed - Frasier Curse (02-03-02)

Profile in Progress
**Pictures used are to represent how Neale and Kathleen would look only. No Claims Made**

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