Lady In Waiting

Innis Daingneach
Twenty-five Winters
Long lashees curled over dark brown eyes.
Full pink lips with a chiseled face
Five Foot Eight, Slender Build

They said she was cold because the winter had gotten into her blood even at an early age. She was more concerned with the fashions in Paris than what was going on in school, and she had a ear for gossip. uckily her upbringing, and status in society due to her family allowed her to be a lady-in-waiting to a princess. In the service of Princess Elaina,the fast-tongued and sharp woman could fine-tune her personality. And what a personality it was.

(Created 2-01-07. Profile under consruction. All photos are of Anne Hathaway, and just images of how the character would look. No immature RP or OOC. Mun is 21+)

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