Golden Flame
The Meaning of Her Name
Force of Five under Andrew MacNeil
Five Foot Eight * Long Golden Red Hair.
Lapis Blue Eyes
Fair of Skin  * Sleek Figure
Twenty-five * Single

Escape was inevitable from the island called Argiddon. One that was not charted on any maps she saw after her escape. She was told that as a child she was not wanted so was taken away here for her survival. Her parents had intended to kill her, devil's spawn so she should be grateful she was alive at all. She wondered on that many a night she laid awake unable to sleep for many reasons. She didn't understand it at first, the things she was expected to do that caused her insides to twist, her mind to convulse but yet was suppose to the way of things. She didn't like killing the various animals brought into the arena to promote her abilities.

It was after they brought in humans, though told they were the lowest form of them and not near their level, that she balked. She saw the plea in the old man's eyes that spoke on intelligent life, spoke on life that was not for her taking through her gifts. She left the field in refusal to follow orders of her Master. He was a water elemental and came after her. Little known to him or the others, Orlaith would sneak away whenever she could and practiced on her own. She would not show any these abilities for she had been teaching herself and they not aware. It was something forbidden. She had found a small boat with a sail washed up on the shore during one of her unknown excursions and drew it under cover of brush and fauna, concealing it away. She had not really thought on using it but something instinctively told her to hide it away. This night she knew why as she grabbed her things and almost got away without being stopped. There stood Colieus to block her way, enraged, determined to teach her a lesson. His intent was to near drown her, filling her lungs and air passageways with water until she conformed or leave her dead. Instead she left him surrounded in a fire so intense he was literally steaming. He would be kept occupied until he finally put out the fire, was consumed by it, or others had come to help. She was not waiting around to find out. She knew they would put out a search party but they would come up empty handed as she was far out to sea, direction unknown.

-more to come-

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(Character created 07/20/09. Actress used is to only represent how Orlaith would appear. No claims made. Maturity expected in play and conduct of players or I will ignore. I'm here for the fun of writing, nothing more, nothing less.)

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