Ancient Soul
Ancient Hold
Six foot four
Hazel eyes favoring green
Twenty eight

Life is a mystery and living holds pain but few realize the ongoing process and that which has been continues to be down the centuries. Raphael was one of these types. Considered good looking but where he was headed that would have him fit in amongst the many. Ordinary. Something he was not use to but had craved at times when the weight upon his shoulders seemed insurmountable.

Ever since the day of reckoning, as he called it, he was set on a mission to find the other. One now remembered from a past that the bond would not be broken even by time. The question more would be if the other remembered. For many years he wandered aimlessly looking for direction, some clue to find that which he was driven. It was in the past few months there were finally stirrings that gave him more direction in where he headed.

In this life he had a craft, builder of wagons, carriages and buggies. He was a master craftsman and took pride in all that he did. The skill served him well in making a living and saving away money that would get him places having none would not. Life was more than money or even the physical skill one possessed. He had a rich long tale in the telling but that would remain in the unfolding.

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