Laird Rhett Shawnesey
Earl of Dunshire of Heathfield.
Blacksmith * Mercantile Business.
Fleet of five ships.

He was a quiet man in his ways. He worked hard and with skill, a smith by trade with large sinewy hands, the muscles of his brawny arms like iron bands. He stood at 6' 6" wearing little as he labored over the heated fire, forging anything from elaborate swords to horseshoes. A rat-a-tat-tat was the tune he worked by, broad muscles rippled and corded in unison, he had a good eye for detail. A sheen covered that broad tanned chest, not an ounce of fat. A good head of sun-kissed brown hair framed a rugged-fair face, ample brows dipped in concentration over deep brown eyes. Brows furrowed in concentration, a stoic expression as he turned to dip the glowing steel into cold water, steam rising in a hiss.

His name is Rhett Shawnesey and he came disguised as Heathfield's blacksmith, in order to learn the truth on what Heathfield had become since the reign of the false rogue king. He had his own forge in the duchy and he worked in the rooms below the castle when weapons were needed in multitude.

His present job finished, large hands wiped off on a woven cloth that hung over loose fitting pants. He left then to clean up, don a shirt, and go in search of a bite to eat and a pint to drink. Eventually his disguise as a smith was uncovered and he lifted the veil that hid Dunshire manor, bringing it to light and life once more. His father's dying wish on the battlefield as he laid in his son's own bloodied arms then fulfilled as he took his rightful place as Earl. His father had been a merchant and now his own goal would be similar but in weaponry. He was good in this area, so more smithies would be constructed, royalties to be paid to the crown of Heathfield.

There was only one in all of the lands that drew his attention and tugged at his heart. He could only hope Fate would be kind as their relationship had its ups and downs. A lot was left up to her, did she want him.


He took Margaret O'Brien to be his wife, now he loves her all day and all night. A sweet daughter they named Stephanie Rhea, conceived of that love. Later a son Douglas then Rhett Jr., Shaun Isaac and Maureen Ann.

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