Six Foot Eight
Blond Hair - Blue Eyes
Twenty One Summers

Goes by Rick as his father is known as Chad
Oldest son of King Chadrick McAndrews II and Danielle Douglas McAndrews
Ten Brothers

Rick found he had a charm about him much like his uncles although he would never claim to be as charming as some of his uncles such as Seamus, who had the real reputation. Like his father, uncles and brothers, he had the McAndrews dimples, the easy smile and devilish blue eyes that reflected a natural penchant for getting into trouble. A good kind of trouble.

As he grew, he was trained to become a King one day but not too soon. Rick didn't have such ambitions but certainly he would do his best to be the best he could be. There was pride in his family, in his father and his father before him. A line of kings. He found that he had exceptional warfare tactical skills and went under the guidance of Mikhail MacKay, renown for his fighting abilities and war moves. The first was a battle in Kildare that both had volunteered for to help out allies and the sons of Queen Lahoneee: Leoric and Gaidan McLarkin.

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