Captain of the Sea Serpent - Prince of Ballicastle

The First of a New Generation * Six Foot Five * Distinctive Very-Blue Eyes
Nineteen Summers * Dark mahogany hair with Celtic Braids often intermingled
Twin sisters - Mary and Marisa * Oldest son of Seamus * Single

He takes after his father, Seamus. His mother Rosalia had left many years ago. Protective of his sisters although taunts them. Riley is a devil every chance he gets. He is prone to pranks, any ruckus he can get into and downright plain mischief. This is not to say he can't behave himself for if behaving will help him to pull off a good prank later on, he will. He knows how to act, he is educated and brought up properly but he had the McAndrews blood in him. If in a new environment around those he doesn't know, he may well become quiet. He will be watching like a hawk though, just waiting. He has the McAndrews dimples to compliment his devilish ways

He likes girls well enough but he might be more apt to pull some prank on them than think of romance, although the latter is coming more into play as he is getting older. He hasn't experimented a whole lot except for a few stolen kisses, some he got promptly slapped for, others too willing. Turning nineteen finally, he started it off by borrowing his Uncle Collin's ship in a gallant attempt to help them out. A lesson learned. His father bought him the ship for his birthday nonetheless.

Ballicastle - Home of most of the McAndrews

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