Stain Glass Artist
Golden Dawn Manor
Five Foot Six * Dark Hair * Blue Eyes
Fair of Face and Figure
Twenty-Three * Single
Sister of Allan, Michael and Diane
Cousin of Victor Cleary and Kathleen Cleary Frasier

Roseann was the baby of the family though she was only a year younger than her sister. The two grew up close and while Diane loved to ride and train horses, she loved to draw them. Eventually she got into making mosaics from her drawings and was sent off to school to learn the craft of stain glass art from a master. Once her schooling was completed, she joined up her family who had moved to Ballicastle where their cousins lived. Here her brothers and cousin Victor built her a room to contain her furnace and all space needed to work on her craft. 

-more to come as the character is developed-

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(Character created 07/29/09. Actress used is to only represent how Roseann would appear. No claims made. Maturity expected in play and conduct of players or I will ignore. I'm here for the fun of writing, nothing more, nothing less.)

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