Rosemary MacNeils
'Rose of Mary'

5 foot Six
Twenty-five Physically
Dark Hair and Eyes
Proprietor of the Heathfield Art Gallery

 Formally of Alteria, a world that existed on a parallel universe that in time shattered. Ailbhe along with Hugh got them out safely to another world thanks to a MacNeil's man, of whose surname they assumed in honor of that day.   The Alterians existed on a plane influenced by the occurrences on the other planes, like the ripple on a pond gradually reaching to the far ends. Time was a vacuum, slowly sucking tears, rifts, in the delicate fabric woven between the different planes as they started to be exposed to the others. Parallel universes unfolding over another becoming part. Evil traveled through these doorways that faded in and out.

Alteria could best be described as Silvery Blue.  Crystal waterfalls held a silvery light as they cascaded down mountainsides, leaving lush land in foliage.

Streams flowed about a city holding the quality of a silver blue crystal. Alloys unrecognizable by most for they were fabricated by the congenial thoughts of the People. This ended the Thousand Years of Euphoria for them. A war that had raged that time Earlier and the sacrifice of Alteria, Ailbhe's wife that had kept their would from being completely destroyed then.   Through a connection of bent time, they were helped to transcend through that doorway into the library located in Heathfield Castle. Not all made it through but many of their People had. 

Eventually they were granted lands by the Queen of Heathfield to build their own place and in time Genesis Manor was completed, they now had a new home along with a new beginning. There were a hundred bedrooms as the mansion was quite large, as big as a smaller castle itself. Besides the bedrooms there was a ballroom, dining room, kitchen and pantry, main hall, art gallery and the solarium. Secret passageways insured an escape to safety if ever in need. This had been many years ago as some of them emerged to mingle with others and some of them kept to the manor, still uncertain of this new world and their ways so foreign to what they had come accustomed to.

The people of these lands were kind and helped them to start up their new lives, one that would have aging and emotions to contend with once more. One of mind with their Kin they had built Alteria. They still retained such abilities with each other and some of the people they were meeting. They were closest in likness to the Druids that were found here. Each would have their demons to addressed and as different as they were individuals.

Rosemary found that she could express herself best in painting. The colors as real as the air she breathed. They sang to her and guided her hand, a calling as old as creation itself.

Profile in Progress

(Maturity expected, period otherwise ignored. Here to write-roleplay, not socialize to meet others ooc. No claims to pictured use to represent how Rosemary would look.)

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