Samantha Golden
Priestess of The Golden Dawn

Five foot Seven
Teal Blue Eyes
Silver Streaked Blond Hair

Sassy, nickname given, was in her late thirties. Five foot seven had her a little taller than the average height of women. Hair still of spun gold now mixed with silver. Years had been kind for her goodness, not feeding off the youth of others. She looked between ten and fifteen years younger than her actual years and possessed a natural graceful elegance. Teal blue eyes held a deep compassion for all living creatures.

She had befriended a woman by the name of Kathleen Cleary many years ago. A woman who was part of her coven. A coven that worked for the good of others and against all evil. There was another run by a warlock who wanted her friend with a driving passion and in a desperate attempt to blackmail her with killing her son Victor in a ritual, Kathleen perished instead to save her son's life. Many years later she came to find her daughter and help her with the mystery to be solved. The belief that her brother was dead was false.

She found the daughter Kathleen in the lands of Heathfield along with her mother's possessions. Especially one crystal ball where Victor had been locked away.

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