Samuel Michaelangelo Sibio
Co-Owner Sibio Bistro
Head Chef

Yes, his mother named him that and what a hellion of a goomba he turned out to be. Youngest of the brothers he just had to do more than follow in their shadows. Leave a blazing trail in his own way was more like it. From Sicily he came in his brothers' footsteps, more like a tune of another being cast to this nowhere of a hell hole.

Six Foot Two.
23yrs of age.

Dark wavy hair around the dark features of an aristocrat, sinfully handsome face, not that he cared. Rich dark chocolate colored eyes held shards of gold that sharpened with intelligence. He was out for a good time, settling down was not an option in his mind. If one wanted more he was not their man. A nice well rounded Sicilian arse was amongst other attributes that hinted well in the way those muscles moved. Black tweed pants and an off-white silk shirt left partially open displayed the gold serpentine chain.


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Samuel Sibio

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