Saran Deaglan Kearney
Laird of His People in Eire
Just Another Man Here

Six Foot Four
Black Hair
Bright Kearney Blue Eyes
Thirty Years of Age

He was the eldest of Three. His brother Lochlan maried Hannah Frasier of Falkirk, Ballicastle. In time giving him a few nieces and nephews. His sister Anya, after her rescue, remained in Heathfield. This he didn't regret for she was much safer in these lands than in the Highlands of Eire.

He had been nicknamed "Asp" when young, a tough kid as he learned to fight well. Along with his brother they put a few bullies in their place teaching them a good lesson with a strong fist. Lochlan was similar to him in certain ways and very unlike him in others. Both held the blue eyes that was a trademark of the Kearneys as well their younger sister, Anya. Like his brother he held to an unspoken law, strict in honor and honesty. Unlike his brother he was a bit of a rogue when inspired. It was getting him inspired that it only showed. He liked women, plain and simple, yet it took a special woman of an inborn grace and intelligence to have him really take notice. Much like the finer wines he enjoyed when wont to imbibe. Same held true for the fairer gender.


Born in the Kerry highlands he was the oldest of three, when famine ravished the lands and changes brought to their clan, bandits and renegades roamed, killing becoming a norm. He had been sent out with a different group of hunters, for the Elders felt it a better way to ensure a family not being wiped out. His group had returned two days later to find his family and friends murdered in a slaughter. Word had it that his brother went after the culprits to rescue their sister who had been taken. He was hard pressed not to join him but bBeing the new Laird, he was needed to pull what was left of his clan together before he set out. His journey brought him to Heathfield in finding his brother, wherein the two, along with the Frasiers and friends, helped them to rescue their sister.

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The Rescue of Anya Kearney

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