Woodworker ~ Designer
Originally worked on MacShire's Ravanna Farmlands
Six Foot Three * Twenty-two Autumns
Lean muscular physique * Dark Curly Hair
Silver Blue Eyes

Sean's family had moved to Ravanna when he was an infant. His mother, Margaret, acquired work cleaning the MacShire manor home and other cottages of the workers while her husband, Michael, worked hard in the fields. Eventually he became one of the foremen and their life style went up a few notches.Sean grew up under what some might consider to be materialistically poor compared to the wealth of others. They were not poor in love and had the comforts needed; food on the table, descent clothes to wear and a warm cottage. This was all due to the generosity of his Lordship Draven MacShire whom his parents and he in turn, were very loyal to.

Sean had a dream and that was to eventually run a furniture store. In his spare time he carved and made anything out of wood that was needed. It started out helping to repair things in their home when he was eight and in doing so found he had a natural talent with wood. As he got older he started designing original pieces and commissioned work started coming in.

Eventually he got that opportunity with the help of Sir Draven. He vouched for him and even gave him the loans needed to get him started. Since then his furniture store has flourished. He hired on a secretary - decorator by the name of Angel. Her touched helped to sell the furniture displayed in a fashionable way.

++No tolerance for immature gaming or ooc. I play in rooms not IMs. Fantasy Medieval Based. 6 silver, 20 copper (transaction 10-12: 70c)

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*Fictional Character. Pictures used are to represent how Sean would look only. No Claims Made*

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