27 Years Old
Six Foot Four Inches
Golden Brown Hair
Dark Blue Eyes

The Family Quinn
Brothers:  Eion (28), himself (27), Conor (24)
Sisters:  Gemma (23), Melantha (20), Concessa (18)

Owner of the Anaconda
22 gun

His grandfather, Jaxon Eli Quinn had been the StableMaster to King Andrew Barrett of Heathfield. When the war began and Rath murdered Andrew and his wife Atessa, Jaxon freed the thoroughbred horses into the wild before escaping to Ireland with his wife, Mary, and two sons, David and Jaxon II, who were toddlers at the time. They ended up in Drogheda just above Dublin. Though they longed to return to Heathfield, it never happened for them. His love for horses passed on to Jaxon II and in turn to his youngest daughter, Chandra. When Jaxon II died, his last request was for his two daughters to go to Heathfield and start a new life in the land of their grandparents and do their best to find their brothers who had scattered.

They grew up atypically in a modest living. Working from dawn to dusk with their father on his farm where they raised and trained horses. He and his brother learned to trap in catching small game for food as well their pelts to be sold. Growing their own food helped in keeping their coins to save. Some of that money their father saw to having his boys trained with weapons. Swords and the bow in particular. It was after their grandfather died leaving the legacy of his tales of Heathfield, that things changed. It was after that time that Eion met Laird MacCarthaigh from Dundalk who took the two on to further their skills as warriors. Eion at sixteen and Segan at fifteen. Three years later Conor would join them for one year at the age of fifteen.

After their training, Eion at seventeen and Segan at sixteen they went into their first battle against brigands that were attacking homes, stealing cattle as well murdering families in the process. Conor had joined their ranks in this last year. When they ended the reign of terror three years later, Eion continued with the Laird while Segan had wanderlust and so parted to pursue his own interests. Their mother had died after an illness by that time, Eion at twenty and he at the age of nineteen. While Eion found being a sword for hire fitted him, Segan gained a ship becoming a privateer. He saw plenty of fighting during the course of these years but of a different kind. He carted goods for wealthy merchants and took on hefty paid trips for some of these same lords to places such as Africa's Amazon. Peru was another spot visited as well the New World. Wherever adventure could be found, from fighting pirates to Indians and renegades. Most trips were to find treasures, some of which were uncovered while most were wild goose chases. Either case there was always adventure and so the customer was left mostly satisfied. Satisfied enough to pay the cost of the trip.

At the age of twenty and six, Segan ported in Drogheda, he'd been away for a good seven years at this point and wanderlust waned. He had many tales to tell when the right time presented itself but presently family was thought on and time to see his father, brothers and sister. His last visit had been five years ago. Time seemed to fly going from one business contract to another or as of past two years, his own interests instead of taking on paid trips. He had been frugal enough to save a good portion aside what he sent home. This time the delivery was in person. He found his father in poor health as the years seemed to catch up with him especially after an illness that took most of his energy. Melantha was there at the homestead, taking over the care of the horses. Conor was also still around the vicinity and about to go looking for him as well Eion.

Eion was still missing after taking a position in England with a wealthy family of influence, Lord Bennett. This was about all that was known since communication with the eldest son ceased soon afterwards. This had not sat well with Jaxon and why the search was about to begin in finding Segan first but he managed to show up on their doorstep. He and Conor would need to go to England to try and find their brother. So the two set out, leaving Jaxon in the care of their sister.

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