Segnat MacNeils

5 foot Eight
Dark Hair and Eyes
The Hawk
The Hawk

Dark haired beauty some would say but eluded her for the culture she was originally born to. One of the Alterians that came to live within the realm of Heathfield. Long legged, sleek of body and limb, she stood at a nice height of 5' 8", as tall as some men. Mind was of the utmost importance as the links were kept with her brothers and sisters that survived with her. Her attire was simple, that which was geared for one who spent a lot of time out in nature's abode, from forests to the lakes of glen and dale. Black was usually the color worn with an off-white poet's shirt topped off in a vest of the same tweed woven cotton material. It would be a rare occasion to find her in a dress. She owned one, a deep rich red, almost wine color, trimmed in a muted white tatted lace.

Adjusting to not only a new universe but the diversity of those inhabiting it took time. Segnat was never one in a hurry to be into tomorrow but lived today to its fullest even if that meant just a long refreshing walk.

As many of her kind had an infinity with nature, Segnat was no different although she was drawn mostly the bird kingdom. A pet hawk was found in her travels as she saved him from an untimely demise. She named him Plato after one of the Roman philosophers she had read about. He now resided in the safe haven of the Genesis Manor solarium. The passage of time came as a whisper upon the wind one night Segnat sat reading. She listened. It was time to emerge fully into this new world, time to broaden her horizons keeping her past a rich part of her future.

Profile in Progress

(Maturity expected, period otherwise ignored. Here to write-roleplay, not socialize to meet others ooc. No claims to pictured use to represent how Segnat would look.)

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