Serafina Rosletta Annette Lorenzo Douglas
Married to Thomas Douglas of Tyremoor

"Oh Serafina, my but you have bedroom eyes" Words spoken of a husky male voice as her smile came fully to dusted rose lips. Dark eyes held that sultry intrigue, invitingly, as were the lush curves of her figure. Long waist and legs, she had the kind of body most could only wish for. Her own voice held a smooth quality that could sent shivers up a man's spine when words of sensuality where whispered. She knew the draw she had to some, teasing right along with them before pushing them away again. Cat and mouse game with most but there were some more seriously taken. Red was her color in a silken dress offsetting her attributes and creamy sun-kissed skin. A dark haired beauty with intellect and class. She chose whom she spent her company with.

From Sicily she came, her own family mixed in with the ruling dons there. Her parents were killed in an untimely, questionable, boating accident that was believed at the hands of the Cesaro's. Sera was in her early teens when the incident happened. Such could not be proven as she was taken in under the care of her aunt and uncle, the Carlotti's. Her mother, Annette, was Angino's sister, having married Vinny Lorenzo. Her cousin Lucia and she grew up as sisters from that point on in a household of mostly males. They were taunted and teased unmercifully, yet when men looked at them in those blossoming years they were lucky not to be chased off by the over protective brothers and cousins. Lucia and Sera certainly kept them busy chasing the men off. Vixens they were at times purposely luring ones knowing the Carlotti boys would go after them.

Constant intrigues between dons soon had ones splitting off with vendettas to carry out. Her parents becoming the victims of such. The vicious cycle was in place that continued to claim lives. The Sibios were one of the close knit families dealing with the same families as the Carlotti's. When the younger generations lives were now being threatened, first the Sibio sons were sent off when Franko was nearly killed. They were sent to lands where they soon set up their own restaurant. Angino made the decision to send Lucia and Sera in their wake and under their protection. The two girls, now women, shared many secrets, some they would not speak on, some they could not speak on for fear of their lives or others told. Lucia became homesick after a year and went back home to her parents and brothers. Sera stayed on feeling comfortable in these lands and under the protection of the Sibios

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