Knighted under King Leoric McLarkin
and Regent Gaidan McLarkin

Serving Kildare and her sister Castles

Six Foot Four
Brown Hair - Brown Eyes
Welsh and English Heritage
28 Years of Age

Comrade to fellow Kingsmen: Vincent Salvadore Hamilton and Thane  Roberts. 

His father had been in service to King Seamus McLarkin, and though he was reluctant, he finally took his family into Tyremoor, one of the last to leave Kildare.  While in exile, he did what he could for those behind and saw to the training of his eldest son.  Simon was ready when the war to return with the Twins and soon became a Knight in the service of the King and Regent.
        Assigned to one of the outlying posts, he and his two comrades  performed their duties faithfully and were rewarded by being made Kingsmen.

Taming of Kildare   
Kildare Saga


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+Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Ignoring such ones come easily. No claims made to photo used in depicting how Simon would look.+

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