Solarina Rose Riktafir
Daughter of Honeee
Father: Karnek Riktafir

Five foot Six
Long Blond Hair
Leaf Green Eyes
White Wings

The face of an angel and the purest white of wings set her apart from most others. Strikingly different, as were the darker leaf green color of her eyes. Soft tuffs of feathers at her temple moved in expression of feelings at times. She is now sixteen years old and growing into a young woman but she still noticed the looks given by strangers on her appearance. Slender and more on the petite side.  The quick wit of intelligence predominant. She would one day grow into the rare beauty she was already to show signs of in the blueprint in her features. She was quick to note hardly any others had wings except her and her younger brother Tykir. His being peppered unlike hers - a pure white. She had that imps smile like her mother's. She remembered her father as one would a hazy dream. Though it was said he was a good man.

She was being trained as a lady but there were none to train her how to fly, so she learned on her own as her wings grew stronger. They were restricted, however, not to do such in the castle or other buildings unless it was necessary - as a protection from harm. Of course.. she forgot at times and what a fuss it would cause. Once proud she had wings and could fly, it was slowly being exchanged to try and hide them for their blatant difference. She found, with much chagrin, she couldn't as it would make her look like a hunchback. That was worse after stories she heard. Luckily those of the castle were use to her and her brother and their differences no longer noticed. They were accepted in their own home. She should be so lucky, once out in the world, to continue to be accepted. The idea, more fears she would not already played on her subconscious.

Her brother Tykir was the one she tormented and at the same time protected fiercely. There was a connection between the two that was more than just brother and sister, it was their difference and what they faced together because of it. Even if only a year younger than her, Tykir was fast catching up to her in height. He would grow to be a big man one day and the tables turned in him protecting her. Together they were strong in their uniqueness. Still, she had a lot of her mother and her heritage in her. That Fae nature was evident and who knew how much of it she had acquired. Time would tell as she continued to grow.

*Picture used is to represent how Solarina would look only. No Claims Made*

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