Theresa MacKenzie Douglas
To her friends "Teri"
Married to Nick Douglas.

High Archer of Heathfield Castle

~Turns quickly to face you as long blond hair falls over her shoulder, deep moss green eyes locking with yours intensely as a study is made. High cheekbones set in an elegant face denotes her royal Celtic heritage, clad in a simple tan fringed tunic not hiding her slim but well formed shape lays softly over deep green form-fitting leggins with soft tan leather boots molded to shapely legs, her stride swif as she moves silently to her destination. She is trustworthy and dedicated to her friends and a force to reckon with to her enemies, whom in a swift movement has her sword drawn and ready. An Elvin dagger strapped to her small waist and a bow swung over her left shoulder with a quiver of arrows in easy reach. Human-Elf heritage standing 5' 7". Wears a long deep green colored velvet dress trimmed in gold thread in winter, a heavy cloak of a deep gold over the gown. In warmer weather a sheerer white simple gown that is comfortable.

Since her return she has opened up a Coffee and Sweets Shoppe in the Duchy of Heathfield. Giving up her fighting days as she grew weary of guilds and the constant sparring to upgrade to ridiculous numbers, such losing its intrigue and becoming boring. She was married once but like her sparring days it was over quite some time ending in a divorce as the man became insane. After such an experience she has shied away from such again, it would take someone special to bring back any confidence in men after a few more negative situations since. She had tried marriage once more, well she was forced into it and it came about he disappeared too, so she came back to Heathfield only discouraged more.

Time passed as she worked hard in her shoppe. Megan had finally come back and joined forces with her. Days passed pleasantly keeping those of the lands supplied in delectable treats. One day her life would change when she least expected it, that faithful night she darted into the Thistle for an evening to enjoy with the ones she knew. It was that night she met Nick Douglas, both seemed equally intrigued. She rarely paid much attention to rogues but this one was somehow different. Their road to happiness had a lot of boulders and ruts in it, but many months later they stood opposite each other to take their vows, tried and true, heartfelt. Chad and Danielle there as the King himself saw to the blessing of their vows. In the dead of winter in a small forest her life began anew with love in her heart to cherish through the rest of her life. Out there under the open as snow fell, ice gleaming under the stars and moonlight alike they made their promises to each other. Life with Nick would never be dull, multi faceted and she would never lose that intrigue he brought her that first night, it only grew.

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