Knighted under King Leoric McLarkin

Serving Kildare and her sister Castles

Six Foot Three
Dark Green Eyes, Mahogany Hair
Scottish and Italian Heritage
28 Years of Age

Thane was born into a life he might not have chosen for himself, but with such a long family history there was little choice in the matter. His father Sir Alec served King Seamus McLarkin of Kildare until his death, and Thane followed in those footsteps to become a man of the sword and King's Man himself. During the chaotic and dark times of the Witch, Sir Alec was killed in the ensuing battle, and all the King's men scattered to different secret locations to protect them from the Witch's fury.

After those that were left scattered, Thane ended up in the small village of Outhenby where he was hired as the Bailiff. His role also became that of arbiter of conflicts and defender of the villagers - especially those without the power to defend themselves. Such little towns had need of this protection, and Thane came to enjoy a generally quiet country life. Though the far-flung hamlet of Outhenby could be considered a trifling piece of the King's affairs, for Thane, helping the handful of villagers there was just as important as fighting epic battles. In this way he would have contentedly served his King for years to come, but Duty drew him back to Court.

When the Witch was killed at the hands of the late King Seamus's sons, Thane returned and was reunited with his comrades. There they offered their swords and lives in service of the new King and Regent, and he became Sir Thane, knighted for all he had done for the Crown. Now a resident of Kildare Castle he continues to serve the royal family, unyielding in whatever task he is given, large or small. With quiet determination he lives by the noble creed of Honor - Duty - Truth. Above all else, he is a Knight.

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