Knighted under King Leoric McLarkin

Serving Kildare and her sister Castles

Six Foot Four
Dark Brown Eyes and Hair
Irish and German Heritage
28 Years of Age

When Kildare fell under the spell of the Witch, convulsing all she touched, Vincent had gone into hiding, helping those as he could. His family had been loyal to King Seamus McLarkin but after his suicidal death their world changed. Kildare changed. Atrocities became the norm along with bestial creatures roaming the forests. He had wanted to become one of Seamus' knights as his father trained him from a very young age. That dream was also smashed under the witch's hand. His father killed in the initial battle against the Witch along with his closest friends' fathers. He became one of the forest warriors. A band of men with like attitudes not to be put down or driven from their homes. He became more determined to survive and one day overthrow the Witch, although he had no paranormal powers that would be needed. Steel was useless if the men behind the sword had their minds bent to her will. So he helped various small villages to remain hidden from her growing forces.

All seemed a doomed faith, though he persisted to continue. He missed his childhood friends as they had been separated purposely for their own good faith. When the twin sons of Seamus came to redeem their father's name and Kildare, Vincent approached both King and Regent to serve with his sword and his life. Both Simon and Thane emerged near the same time as he from their hiding. They were not only accepted for their deeds preceded them but were knighted, becoming his top Kingsmen. He wears one of the One Hundred Swords of Heathfield. His honor, his life, given in service of both great nations.

Taming of Kildare   
Kildare Saga

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