Kings Man - Four Horsemen

Where de Beauvais came from is not nearly as important as where he now serves.

de Beauvais proudly claimed to be one of The Black Griffon's men, traveling and competing alongside the revered lord under the banner of black and gold prior to 'The Return' He continues to stand alongside Cairns, de Vimeure and Carno in service to The Black Griffon; now known to all as Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt.

Still, in the minds of de Beauvais, Lyons, Cairns, de Vimeure and Carno, the King will always be the much esteemed champion and fearless victor -- The Black Griffon. --Heathfield-- A lifetime separated the man he had once been and the man who now resides beneath the banner of the Purple and Gold Dragon.

 "There are many causes worth dying for but only one worth living for.

"Married to Julia Traugott deBeauvais, twin daughters Marie Traugott and Julianne.

"Life is a conscious continuity ... within the movement of change."

**Immaturity gaming and occ will be ignored. No IM play unless those of Heathfield. No claims to the pictures used, they are only to represent how Vincent would look.**

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