Susquehanna Tribe * Penn's Woods, Colonies
Six Foot Three - Dark Hair and Eyes * Twenty Five Winters

He was told how his name was given. The winter had been harsh not only for his mother and father but the whole of the tribe. His father, Climbing Bear, led the hunters out each day but the cold and snow had game scarce. It was on the Morning that his son was born that Climbing Bear came across the largest Wolf tracks he had ever seen. They followed them and found enough game that would last their tribe to the summer in drying the meat. He had noticed the Great Gray Wolf watching over them from high on the cliffs. When he returned he found his wife White Dove had given him his first son and the name Wolf Paw given his son in honor of the Wolf that had led them to food..

He was brought up in the traditional ways of their tribe, growing into a great warrior and hunter. This was difficult in times of change as the White Man came challenging their traditions and way of life. To survive they needed to adapt yet keep the balance of who they were in the process. Many could not find a balance between the two and it caused dissension within their tribe itself. Two of his younger brothers left, one to seek a spiritual path and the other refusing the white man and his ways and joined others of like to strike off on their own. Wolf Paw would probably have joined White Fox had it not been for meeting James Callihan. Finding that not all white men were about greed, lazy and expected the world to be handed to them. James had saved his life and eventually they became blood brothers. He followed him to his lands along with Downy Feather but Fate had other plans and he ended up back in the colonies once escaped and sought out his People's tribe.

-profile in progress-
-no claims made on pictures used of Michael Spears for this fictional character. It is how he would look.-
-No tolerance in wasting my time in immature gaming or of like expectations of muns behind their characters-

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