Raul Basalio Valdez
Owner of the Blue Rhaspody Theater

Basalio meaning -- Son of Baldo (prince, fame); one who came from Valdéz (tableland); principally from Asturias; Baldo is a shortened form of Baltazar, one of the three magi.

The sound of his name would lend one the feel he was someone of importance, but Raul fell short of anything near that ideal in his mind. Oldest of six he felt responsible for his siblings when his father passed away. Their mother, Charo, having died years earlier. He had been the brooding, quiet one and more as a fly on the wall going through life unheard and unnoticed. As they grew, he drew more within himself. This all changed when he became Don Valdez. It weighed heavily upon his shoulders.

It was soon after their mother's death he started to dabble in writing setting to paper all the feelings he had bottled up inside. They were never shown to anyone for they would expose his heart and soul.

Instead they were stashed away in a leather folder that was gradually swelled with all the pieces of paper. The skill of his writing improved over time if one read all he wrote starting from those preteen years. Eventually he expanded his writing on each of his siblings along with the trials their family faced. He became skilled at just about anything he tried. Intelligent and quick to learn making him more a Jack of all trades. Raul had the skills to survive on his own without the need of others, except in that he desired more of his family. Now he was responsible for them to see they were kept safe.

Their father a wealthy merchant of Malaga with many ships had gambling debts along with some deals in properties that those he was involved with had turned against him, stealing what was his. This was not a legacy Juan had wanted to pass onto his children. Raul knew, worse than loss of properties and monies, the ones were ruthless and would descend upon a crippled family of innocents. He had reached out to a few places prior to their father's death and had journey to Heathfield before, setting up a deal to take over the Blue Rasphody Theater and bring his ailing father there with them. When he returned with these plans, he was detained being his father had grown that weak and would not survive the journey. Instead they stayed with him. He died within that year with his family there.

On a personal level, maybe a new world, a new environment, would help to bring him out of the rut he was in. He needed something even if he couldn't quite put his finger on what that something was. So, Duque, his mixed breed stallion was saddled up, packed up and a passage booked to the port called Barrett's Bay in the lands Heathfield. It was a start at a new beginning.

The Arrivial

The trip in had been long enough as Pedro accompanied him. He was coming to make sure the job offered was still available and accommodations before bringing the rest over. Travel weary as one duffel bag was swung over a shoulder. "It would be the Thistle we will go and stay until we can find out the details." Offhanded to his brother as he waited on him to get the things he would bring there. Once all was set up the rest of their things would be sent for. He planned on leaving Spain for good, sell any of their estates and close off a past hoping that would leave it a dead end for anyone else their father had been involved in.

Pedro nodded as his own sack was hoisted and shouldered. "So it is off to a building named after a weed." He nodded. "Promising." Dark brows lifted even as he covered a yawn with his fist. "Which way?" He even started looking around for other signs of life, anyone that might point them in the correct direction. It was late, though; all decent-minded people were already in bed. "As long as this place has a bed and a blanket, I'll be happy enough... so long as you don't plan on waking me until the Sabbath." He chuckled and pushed his hand through longer brown hair.

"Weed, wild flower, quite lovely is the thistle with prickles.." chuckled laugh as he glanced to his brother. "Looks like you need some sleep in a real bed." The trip by sea had been rough if one got much sleep at all. An upnod to the road leading away from the docks as there were ones milling about, mostly those off the ship they were just on. Raul had been here before, years ago. Their family had always been interested in the theater, acting, his particular vocation writing. "Here you can wake when you want, celebrate the Sabbath as you want or not." Shifting the duffel bag before a long legged stride had him heading up the road leading into the commons and the Thistle. The night was quiet and well noted but they were arriving late. He was up the steps and opening the door, held for his brother provided he kept up.

"Si. And preferably in a bed that will...not...move." Even after walking along the road, he felt the ocean's waves, and he swayed with every step. By the time they'd reached the Thistle, his feet were dragging and scuffling along the path, lids heavy over his eyes. The warmth that hit him once he entered, with a sleepy nod of thanks to his brother, caused an unconscious smile to curl his lips. "Ahh...this is more like it..." He staggered further in and turned about to look behind him. "You just couldn't wait until summer to travel..." Of course it was all in jest; most things were between himself and his siblings. They were too theatrical for anything else.

"I hope to have the theater running by this summer, not just coming. Cold air will not hurt you, may even clear that fogged up brain of yours." Of course he would tease his brother back as he procured two keys from Alex. "This is my brother Pedro, Pedro this is Alex, a man to know." He already told him about the place on the trip, how it was free in this one tavern and the people friendly. At least the ones he had met.

His hand came up in half a wave. "Buenos media-noche." Again, it was used to bother his brother about the lateness of the time. No normal person would be up this late by choice! And thus, Alex had to be insane. Even so, the man got a polite nod of the head. "You are our savior, man. We are very grateful for the..." He tried to think of the word. "...hospital?" No, that wasn't it. He looked towards Raul for help, staring for half a second. "Hospitality!" And at the expressionless gaze he got back from Alex, he simply dropped his head. "Need sleep."

"Hospitality," being he was here before and learned the language better in that time. Slight smile amusingly as he handed the one key to Pedro. "The rooms are upstairs, just down that corridor. A chambermaid will see to any other needs, except that .. need. You need sleep anyway! Tomorrow we will see about the theater and work from there."

Brows lifted again and he grinned. "Except that one? What good are they, then?" He huffed and gave Raul's arm a single pat before he turned down said corridor with the key. "Bueno. Get some sleep... I will see you on the Sabbath."

"Bueno noche," offered to Alex before he was heading down the corridor with his brother to the steps then ascending them to the halls above until their rooms were reached. Ones next to each other in convenience.