Elementally ...

Aaric sent for Noir. Directions given of a half mile from the spar hall, over a few knolls and rocky terrain to where it opened up into a large field tucked within one of the smaller forests. He wasn't attired as probably would be expected of a warrior but then he was one of a different kind. Only clothing worn was a dark brown loin cloth, short kilt style and sandals that laced up the thick corded muscles of his calves. Bracers on his wrists, sword attached to a wide belt over the kilt. He was built stream lined, tone muscles, more muscular of arms and legs. Chest broad but not overly and skin well tanned from the sun. Dark hair was tied back in a tail. He stood in the middle of the field with his head tipped back watching the sky. All senses on a heightened alert even if one might think he was a statue at first worshiping the sun. Sunlight played with few clouds to chase its light and a gentle breeze teasing the long blades of grass like waves shifting in ever changing patterns.

Noir had followed the directions on foot, enjoying the day as she walked. Dressed as always of late when she sparred, she wore a sleeveless vest, well-worn leather pants, and the soft high boots. Her hair had been tamed into a single braid, then coiled tight against her head. She watched Aaric a moment before approaching, oceanic eyes a mix of blue and green. The mithral bracers were worn as well, something she did only for these spars, not for lessons or even every day. She said nothing, knowing Aaric would sense her approach.


"Welcome Noirin Morgane of the Water." Spoken as her first step into the field was taken. Head then tipping back down as eyes were as blue as the sky in their hazel counterpart. A smile hinted as he turned to face her in that step to the side. He had been feeling her progress here, tracing her movements through the winds, in that way touching around her. A cordial dip of his head followed as hands moved out to either side palms facing. "Shall we begin, Noirin?"

Noir smiled, for few used her full name, and nodded. She studied him again then her eyes met his, a touch of curiosity shown. She had a feeling this was going to be beyond what she had even considered. "Yes, I'm ready."

He took a step back, as smooth as a dancer's. Fluid motion that came without sound as well the sweep of his hand around. "Then begin!" He had not drawn his sword at this point as dust devils appeared from the forest around them, bouncing to zigzag their way towards Noir. They were a touch higher than her height although not as tall as Aaric. They might seem harmless enough until they drew closer to surround her, the wind they were made of held debris. Thin branches whipping out that could slice as well as leaves, stones and acorns the trees had already started to shed. These became projectiles to fling out at her. They would sting unless she was quick but would not really harm her otherwise. A lot more could have been added but it was more the ..element.. of surprise to test. The first surprise. Seven in all were closing in as Aaric kept in motion around the perimeter outside his creations.

Her sword would remain in its sheath until he drew his. A stone, then acorn smacked against her cheek and arm before she was moving swiftly, ducking, dodging, running all in fluid motion, faster than most could see. Moisture was pulled from the air as she made her way toward Aaric, small creatures made of water darting for him to try to slow him down, or slip into the dust devils to change them from his weapons to hers. She was glad the humidity was high this day!

He soaked up her creations, evaporating them one by one as they charged him to store like a sponge for later use. Fluid motion of feet matched to counter dance, her speed and movements. Always keeping that -- just out of reach -- distance. The dust devils bounced over the water creations, one on top of the other, growing in size to form a tornado. Taller and taller still coming up behind Noir to suck her up into its funnel. Towards the center it was near hollow almost like a long tunnel to the top, if she could climb, it a good fifty feet up. It was not as large as he could make one but the principle was there.


Noir felt the tornado behind her too late. As it caught her up, her braid slipped from its tight coil, whipping around her face. The wind tore at her clothing but since it fit tightly, it stayed put. The cord fastened in a peace knot at her sword was ripped free, her sword itself smacking against her body as she tumbled through the winds. Disoriented, she fell into its center. With a shake of her head, she looked up and chuckled. Battered and bruised, but not beaten! Yet. Gaining her breath, she started climbing upward, dodging debris, using some of the larger to jump from. Like a crazed squirrel, she ascended higher and higher until she reached the top. Pulling moisture from the air itself, Noir created a stream of water to slide down to the ground. Once there, she darted away from the tornado and toward Aaric again, dodging suddenly toward a small stream.

As she slid down the tornado, it lifted spreading out into the sky above turning into thunderous black clouds. The meeting of fronts in that fast shifting change herald the clap of thunder loud enough to shake the ground below. Aaric had changed by the time she started for him. Standing with feet apart and the rise of his arms. Black clouds formed around him in a hooded cloak distortion. He looked much the warlock as he became part of the storm itself. Eyes went to white lightning that sparked. Hands appeared in the black mass that now loomed above her as fingers splayed and lightning streaked from his fingertips like one that pulled the strings of a puppet to manipulate around her, forming an electrical cage. The water used drawn from her now pelted back down to soak the ground. His face just a shade of grey from the black surrounding. The lit up eyes seemed alive on their own.


Noir had never faced an air elemental before, so each attack and counterattack was new for her. She glanced at him briefly, then yelped as the cage formed around her. She knew he could use the moisture but could he use a large amount all at once. The stream was diverted, swelling up as in a flood the water from the storm used to add to it. The wall of water swept toward him, gathering momentum as she continued to gather more to it.

Water conducted electricity which had those spirals of lighting attracted like metal to a magnet. Sizzling sound as two great forces interacted and they shot down and towards Noir at the source. Aaric stop the storm at that point and hurtled himself through the wall to knock her out of the way and take the electrical blast into his body instead. He could absorb it but it would knock the breath out of even him for that moment. Surreal clouds, unguided, split apart to dissolve back into sunlight that once more poured down over the field. One whose tall grass now glistened for the moisture that clung. Like a summer storm there and gone, misting the heat that warmed the ground.

Noir flew backward, disappearing into the tall grass as she landed on her back. The blast had her closing her eyes as it shook the earth, sending debris and rocks everywhere. She opened her eyes slowly, watching as the clouds began to dissipate. It took a few moments more for her to sit up. The braid was gone, leaving soaked curls plastered against her face. "Aaric?" She called out his name, not trusting herself to stand yet.

He had gotten to his knees and being she was only a short distance from him, moved on all fours. As with using any element, it would take its toll and best to regain energy before standing. Especially after taking the shock into his body to dissipate. Eyes were a hazel blue, touched with gray while he guided his sword out of the way when taking a seat next to her. He surveyed her face first as a hand lifted to touch in a graze over any small wound or cuts from the ordeal. Healing beneath on this superficial level. "We have a better understanding of each other now. I can train you in what you know and what you do not know." Eyes were following the motion of his hand before lifting to meet hers. Smile showed to ease the quite serious, intense, spar of another kind he put her through.

She watched him as he neared, and rested her elbows on her knees. There were a few bruises and cuts that faded with his touch. Eyes a deep green watched his face then she smiled and nodded. "Apparently more than I realized. I knew one such as you would have a command of weather, but not the extent." She inclined her head, eyes sparkling. "I would be glad to be trained further, Aaric." Never unwilling to learn, Noir was also not bothered by being bested by a friend.

"Basically what you need to learn is how to direct your gift against each opponent you come up against. It would be different with me than it would be with one of Fire. Fire you could douse, or attempt to depending on their level of skill but with me, I would soak it up and use it back at you." Once the healing touch was over fingers stilled as his hand cupped her cheek still. "I am sorry for the bruises. If there is more I will see to healing them. I needed you to have a good idea of what I am capable of but not harm you." Eyes held and delved at the same time. "I will be protecting you and eventually we will learn to use our elemental powers together to make them a greater force." Glance slid down to where his thumb rested against the corner of her lips before falling away as he turned back to take a look out over the field. A low chuckle escaped on a thought. "Now you know why I wished not to spar in the hall."

Her eyes were intent on his face as he spoke and she canted her head slightly into his hand when he stilled. "The bruises are superficial." Lips twitched into a smile as she continued. "It's not possible to dodge everything inside a tornado." The thought of working together made the smile grow wider. She looked at the field and laughed. "I don't think there would be much of the hall left standing."

"Exactly and I don't think the good people here would be too pleased with me. Why I chose this field far enough away and would give us the privacy needed." He laid down into the plush of the grass as he cushioned his head under the crock of his arm. Eyes turned to lift upon her, bluer now under the sunlight. "You did very well all considering you have not danced with the wind before." Teasing her some with the ease of a smile that brought a dimple with it.

Noir leaned her cheek against her knee as she watched him, then she grinned back at him. "Not in that manner at least, a mild breeze perhaps. Thank you, Aaric." She wiped at a curl that stuck to her cheek, watching him thoughtfully. "You have spoken to the Druid Prince, and to Myles." Not so much a question, but stating a feeling.

"Yes. I will give my loyalty to them both and to these lands. I will organize each of the elementals that come into service. Four in all as you are one, I am one and Andrew the fifth, the one that is all four and more. We have still to find Earth and Fire." Sweeping glance given over the field again as a cooling breeze was brought to wash over them. A comforting breath drawn and released. "There are other elementals here but we will be in service directly of the Druid Prince. Not to discredit any others as I have learned the King here has men of such that are very skilled and renown. Eventually I hope to meet them as they are away presently on castle matters." All that he was told and would not delve any further on that which was not of his business. "Next time I'll show you what I can do with a sword and staff. I have also skills with the mace and whip."

She had met one but briefly, not enough to gain an impression of him. "I've heard much of them." The smile she gave was almost a grin. "I would be pleased to see what you're capable of." Just a hint of laughter touched her eyes as she went on. "With those weapons."

"I bet you would and show me more of your skills in that area." He went up to a sitting position as a hand snaked out to tickle up her side as he spoke. He heard enough to know she was very good and why he decided to find out her skills in controlling her Element. That was important to him than the other for their new placement in these lands. Not something he would even lend to let others know about unless needed.

She wiggled away from his hand, laughing. "The spar you watched was enjoyable to me. I was pleased to help Victor, and it was challenging in a way I had not expected. When I fight on the field, I use a parrying knife as well as my sword. Against a taller, heavier opponent, it helps."

"The man has skills. I was impressed with you both. He seems unaware of what he is?" Uncertain as hazel blue eyes still locked with hers. Hand had withdrawn in the lighter moment between them. One to help ease what had transpired here shortly before. Aaric was up to his feet as he offered a hand. "I think it is time to get back and watch." Watching, meaning for when the other two would be drawn here to these lands. The calling.

"I am certain he is unaware." She wasn't certain what had happened to Victor but perhaps one day they would be friends enough for her to learn. Placing her hand in his, she stood and nodded, still meeting his eyes. "I agree. Perhaps it will be soon."

"It will be when it should be. In the meantime we will meet and train together. What I know will be imparted to you and likewise to make a stronger team." She would feel the strength in the lift that brought her up then released once he felt she had her footing. Smile traced into place as he took up a leisurely stride he was certain she could keep with. No ... running like the wind on her. Not today anyway. Thoughts on certain things held that grin upon his features to spread more as they headed for the Thistle.

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