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        Son of Maurice and Shay Delany McDonough <deceased>. Now nineteen years old and his sister, Sarah Irene, seventeen.  They both reside at his father's Cattle Ranch on Heathfield lands. He looks much like his father did at his age. Ice blue eyes held the intensity of youth and that determination to make his own mark in life. 

        Russet color hair that mostly curled was either tied back or contained beneath his wide brim hat. Skilled for his age with weapons,  he still had a lot to learn. He was good with animals, especially horses, but he lacked social skills around women in his earlier teen years. Rory had been shy, easy to blush in a kind that started from his neck up exposing those elusive freckles of younger years to stand out. At 6' 7" he was still growing, more on the lanky side at first until hard work developed well toned muscles in filling him out as a man. He usually wore an off-white cotton shirt tucked into buckskin britches, chaps at times, and a leather jacket along with that wide-brim hat. Once he started getting out more so did his shyness gradually disappeared with a developing confidence.

        He had the inherited touch of the rogue to his grin, unaware, but Rory was not really the rogue nor flirt. He liked meeting others and making friends. His best friend was his pal Al and that is a unique story in itself. Al had been hired to help him breed, raise and break in the wild horses. The duo did almost everything together.

        His love of horses came first, a gift inherited more through his mother. Rory had a natural way with them. Second was hunting and fishing, he was more at home in the forest as another would be sitting in front of their hearth. He had his favorite fishing hole that was result of a beaver dam, many were the hours and days spent there especially in the summer.

       Rory also had his duties to his father and uncle, so time was spent in helping with the cattle when needed. Mostly the roundups for branding or when a few particular bulls went awry. Ferdie's offspring.

       When Rath had taken over the lands a lot fell to ruin, including the fine horses that had been kept and bred by the Barretts. They had been released out into the wild by their stable master before Rath could harm or sell them off. He was known to be a cruel man to animals. They mingled with the  wild horses that roamed the lands. A unique breed gradually developed over the decades. When Rory became of age at thirteen, he started herding some of these wild horses with the help of his father and uncle. The horses he already had from when his mother lived were then used to breed choice selections. When he reached eighteen, his father allowed him to take over the stables part of the ranch completely on his own.

        In was in that following year he met the lad Al, befriended him, and hired him on. In trying to help out his newfound friend he discovered Al was not a he but a she. Rory had called Al a girlie for the underdevelopment of his muscles and why he didn't take his shirt off because he was embarrassed. In a dare and struggle to follow that had Al's shirt nearly off, Rory discovered this startling revelation.

       Whoops and hollers could be heard as some of the work hands watched Rory break in a particularly rambunctious stallion. Dust kicked up in billowed clouds around the corral and the five cattle hands perched upon the rungs of the fencing watching while hollering comments. The stallion was bucking, dancing on near straightened legs along one side of the fencing until he twisted in a jerking motion that sent Rory flying. Leather reins slipping through those strong hands as he landed right on his backside hard. The stallion not even realizing he had already bucked his rider off, continued a short distance down further before stopping. Head lowered around as beast and human eyed each other in respect. Rory was up to stand before a quick sweeping bend down had his hat back in hand. It was whacked against his buckskin clad thigh topped off in leather chaps. He needed a drink and the stallion needed a rest.

       Stepping off to the side he maneuvered through the wooden posts to the bucket of water. Drink taken with a large ladle before the rest was dumped over his head as he leaned over. Such would cool him quicker. The cattle hands stepped back from the corral fencing once the show was over. They had work to get back to as fences needed mending and cattle herded into new fields of grass. Rory got slaps on the shoulders and teasing compliments as they passed him. He made some retorts back as a hand was up to shake the water from that russet hair. The edges now clumping to curl with drips hanging on their ends until they were soaked into the thick wool shirt he wore.  Thus was the start of a typical day at the McDonough Stables.

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