Saran Deaglan Kearney


Laird of the Kerry Kearney Clan

Born in the Kerry Highlands of Eire, his people lived a rugged life so he grew up strong to survive. He stood at a height of 6' 4", well toned and muscular, one usually was that worked hard. Bright Irish blue eyes were offset by the jet black of his hair, hinting at the Gypsy blood in him. There was more to him than met the eye. He never married but he was still young at the age of 26. It was not something he really thought much about having other interests. A lass should well be wary, for if she viewed him as a settling man, marriage on her mind, she would be sorely disappointed. Considered a rogue, untamable, as he would notice the fairer sex, taking to their company at times if any drew his attention, but that was the extent of it. He held a love 'em and leave 'em philosophy, safekeeping his heart. He knew well the pain love only brought.

Famine ravished the lands and he was usually found hunting to make up for the poor crops. Weaponry and the skill of fighting was something honed and desired to survive in his clan. It was thus on one excursion that took him away only to find on his return, his parents murdered and his sister and brother gone, their fate unknown. Having been of noble birth he naturally took over the role of leadership, living up to the meaning of his given name.



As the days seemed to flow one into another, his anger grew and he knew he needed to seek revenge for the senseless murder of his parents and friends, before he could find peace in his soul again. He left another good man in charge as they had all agreed this should be done, many suffered losses during this renegade raid. It was his father's sword he took with him to brandish in his honor.

After packing a few meager possessions he headed to the port to catch a ship to England. Luck had not been on his side, but maybe Fate was, as a vicious storm took the ship asunder, crashing it into cliffs of a foreign land after it had been blown off course. Lightning crashed as hurricane winds whipped that faithful night and he found himself washed up on shore, disoriented at first. He gradually made his way inland coming to a small town he soon learned went by the name of Rhy'din.

Left penniless there he soon met others that led him to the lands of Heathfield where he was taken in. It was here that his brother Lochlan caught up with him. He found in the story to unfold that was where Lan had disappeared to. Lan having returned with his hunting party sooner than Sar's, he had gone immediately in pursuit of the raiders to England. He and a few others from their clan made sure all of the ones were left dead. Lan then parted ways to find his brother Saran.

Lochlan fell in love with Hannah Frasier while in Heathfield, married her and settled to stay as a blacksmith. Saran wandered between here and their Keep in Kerry. Eventually they found the whereabouts of their sister Anya. As it turned out she had escaped the bandits in their mad dash to get away. Unfortunately she ended up in a neighboring warring clan's domain. She was taken prisoner there. Eventually his brother, the Frasiers and a few other friends made a daring attempt to rescue her right out from beneath their noses. They succeeded and Anya was brought back to the lands of Heathfield to stay.



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