MacKay Clan
20 years old standing 6'4"
Dark hair and eyess
He is the Druid historian warrior of the Clan MacKay

From the mists of time came the story of Clan MacKay. In Ireland from ancient times several tribes lived in the northern tier, which was once part of one of the ancient Scottish kingdoms known as Dal Riata. While most of the clan followed two brothers who were deported to Scotland after a battle lost for kingship, their Clan remained. A young man of the Clan fell in love with a girl of the Tuatha Dé Danann and took her as his wife. Tuatha Dé Danann means 'the race of the gods of Danu', Danu was the mother of all the ancient gods of Ireland. They were the powers of light, life and warmth. The children of the couple were strong in the energies of nature and followed the ancient gods.

In time, another son married a woman who was also descended of the Tuatha Dé Danann. This only strengthened their bond with the gods of old. The family drew the wrath of the Fomhóire, which means 'from the sea' and is the name given to the divine powers, or gods of night, death and cold. They were served by the Fir Bholg, or Men of the Builg. They are human but with one difference - their eyes glow with a strange reddish light during battle.

The descendants of the Fir Bholg began to attack the Clan members whenever they could. In particular, one clan, MacEirc, seemed to hold a deep hatred of the MacKays, often employing members of other clans to attack the MacKays, making it seem as if there were many against them. Finally, in desperation, the head of the clan, Afton MacKay, sent his children away from Ireland in different directions. He hoped they would all find one another in the land of Heathfield where a cousin matriarch was known to be by the name of Hazel MacKay. Their mother died long ago, not long after the birth of Kynan. So far, Ruarc,  Aedan, Mikhail, Kaylea, and Adara Giles, Ruarc's fiancee, have made it to Heathfield. Eimear as well the two younger brothers, Trevet and, Kynan have yet to arrive. They have also received word that Afton has not survived the latest attack and are worried their sister and brothers are captives of the MacEirc.

Trevet was sent by their father, Afton, before his death to discover as much as he could about all the lore connected with the Fomhóire. More than that which could be found in books written. The information they needed would have to come from the heart of Eire herself. Ancient lore and the best source would be the hermit Druids that hid in the hollow hills throughout the Emerald Isle. Ones who saw the lore passed down for thousands of years from the very Source by word of mouth and teachings. They could only hope there were some still alive who knew what they now needed to find out to survive.

It was not easy to find the Hollow Hills for they were hidden from human sight by veils. Mist rose around him as he found a certain field that held rumors of those walking through it and disappearing forever. It was not an ordinary mist for the dew shimmered as separate particles, coating over hair, skin and clothing. He held no fear as he continued forward walking carefully. Voices in song ran like a siren's call as they rose up for him to follow. The mist clearing as the voices faded, finding himself at the foot of the Hill of Usnach near Tara. What seemed to be a stony cropping moved aside enough to for him to make his way in. Here he was welcome inside by those who served Nuada as if they had been waiting for him a long time. Time stood still in the Hill of Usnach as he met Marka, one of the few remaining ancient Druids who took him under his wing. Normally the Outside world was not interfered with but when it came to the Fomhóire they made an exception. Afton had been known to them a one of the good humans that ruled his clan well before set upon by the mutual enemy. What he learned here would stay with him until he was reunited with his family.

The mists rose once more as he found himself standing in the same field, rolling away as the sun broke through the clouds. He could hear the thunder of hooves, ones he was well attune to for they marked the arrival of the MacEirc. He quickly took cover in a nearby cropping of trees and waited until they had passed before taking the direction they had come from. There was a hunting cabin well secluded in the woods on the other side of the valley. It was there he headed to meet up with any of his family. He met a man he knew along the way driving his sheep to market. It was through him he learned of the near year he'd been gone as hopes became dashed that any of them could remain that long. More on Ruarc and Aedan for they would be hunted down and without the information he'd gained they would probably be cut down. He hoped they had escaped and now he would need to do the same, hoping the MacEirc figured they were all gone at this point to a destination unknown.

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