"Like two ships?" For the first time a low chuckle erupted as it was befitting for their conversation. "I will stop in this tavern you mention to see what it is like. I understand it is different from the other I have visited twice." So he hadn't gotten out much yet but then he was settling in and the times he had been out he was reclusive. That too was gradually changing as it showed now in this conversation. First one he really had much with another. It felt good too he realized.

Slowly nodding. "It's rough at times, when filled with sailors on shore leave. My employer offers several things for their needs. You might even find something pleasing yourself." Another smile to appear, then a glance towards Bess when she arrived. "Also, another for the gentleman whom shares his company with me." Indicating Victor. Good conversation and company was worth buying a drink for. When Bess moved away, attention was back upon Victor as she collected coins from that private place where they were safe from sticky fingers or roving hands.

That would remain to be seen what pleased him so another smile was granted in lieu of a comment. He realized the mug was cooling down but still warm and he hadn't tried the brew made here. Up it went with a taste taken and probably the look alone would be comical. Brows shot up and then down as well the dark gaze into the mug as he swallowed. The whiskey did cover up the taste some but still it had enough of a surprise impact.


That had her chuckling. "Perhaps you'll be able to stomach it better having it made the way I drink it. It's a bit strong, but If you seen how many drunks frequented this place, you'd understand." Another smile.

Hopefully it was straight whiskey!

Irish coffee, close, but still enough coffee to add that bite. Sad it was, the coffee added the bite, not the whiskey as it should be.

He regained his voice by first clearing his throat. "There is a better way to drink coffee here?" He had whiskey added to his but maybe it needed a few drams more?

Smile grew a bit more. "The best way is to not drink it at all, but I've come to be able to stomach my preference here. It's called Irish Coffee. It has sweet cream, chocolate, coffee and Irish whiskey in it, hence it's name."

"..and very little coffee?" Grin spread easily with a slight boyish touch as that seemed to be the way to have coffee here. So there were a lot of pluses on Bess but not her coffee. Still, in its own way becoming legendary as the woman tender herself.

Another chuckle to sound. "You'll soon see, I ordered you one along with mine. Pleasant company and conversation should also have something enjoyable to drink and share it with." Another flash of her smile.

A quick glance was given. Left. Right. He stepped away and slid the mug he had between a few tankards at a vacated table before stepping back. "I think I will just try the doctored version."

"Smart man." She couldn't help but to chuckle again. She found his action amusing, yet understood. Soon Bess would arrive with the two steaming mugs, which would be paid for as soon as they were set upon the bar. "The whiskey here isn't top grade either. Especially once you get use to the poteen of the lands in which we live. It kind of spoils your taste buds I fear."

"I've had some of the poteen made there. It is excellent. Maybe why I am somewhat spoilt already?" Now that he was thinking on it, it made sense. "Alex's coffee is perfect." Not that he was a devote coffee drinker, he did enjoy a mug from time to time. Mostly in the morning but sometimes at night when he wanted something to keep him awake for a while longer.

"I've only had his brew a few times. I don't usually frequent the Thistle. I feel a bit out of place, though I know it's my own mind set. A few have made me feel welcomed there, yet my affiliations is what has most shy away." None had ever been out right rude to her. She was a bit self conscious, which was strange considering the lifestyle she lived.

"I have felt out of place but I know it is me, not those there at the time." Thoughtful look washed over his features as he spared any awkward moment by taking up the mug that had been set and lifting it for a careful taste. It was that hot one should be. Brow lifted as the mug was lowered. "I'm impressed, can't taste the coffee at all. Is there really any in this?" Once more he eyed the creamier brew.

Slight lean towards him. "Finally, someone who understands me." Meant as a joke, even if a bit of truth tossed in there. Soft chuckle as she leaned back to her placement of stance. Then a smile and nod. "Yes, all the other ingredients help to mask it." A wink directed towards Bess, who chuckled when she moved past to hear that comment made.

"I shall have it made this way when here from now on." Matter of fact statement before taking a longer drink. This time he let it settled on his tongue longer. No bitter aftertaste that threatened to choke. Smile came easily to resume. Lazy kind this time around. Dark eyes of a deep brown denoted some of his heritage as he took another glance around. "Seems to be different ones here." A touch of surprise. The Irish were known to indulge morning, noon and night in one form or another.

Another smile would show and her own mug rose to sip and savor the contents. When it lowered, a glance would be spared over the common room. "They change, like the flow of the tide. But only visually. If you ever get a chance to sit back and listen, you'll see they are much alike in stories, histories and the like." Chestnut colored eyes would turn back upon him. "Never have I been in a place where so many families were eradicated, or lost to horrid events. It's almost as if common place amongst those drawn here." Small shrug.

Another nautical term but so befitting. With fewer at the bar he stepped back and into a lean. More comfortable stance that also afforded him to watch. "Have you been here a lot of times?" Spoken but this time he was still watching the crowd even if the words were to her.

Nodding, even if he wasn't looking her way. "Yes. I guess you can say this is my safe haven. Where I come to get away from the norm." Glance to turn from the room and back upon him. "A man such as yourself will be a hot commodity here for women looking for empty relationships just to say they have a man on their arm. I've seen that happen many times, sometimes with the same females. They'll latch onto one, then no sooner is he gone, they'll chose another. It's as if they can't survive or exist without a man for them to rub all over. I find it sad. I'm willing to bet that they're also disease carriers. I can't see how they couldn't be, when they shuffle between so many men." Small shrug. "Consider yourself forewarned." Chuckles.

usage in context. "Do they not go for the more boisterous rogues with silver tongues?" One part had him repeating it in question. "Rub all over?" He was trying to understand how.

Laughing and nodding. "Silver tongued rogues, brooding types. Rude individuals and even those who smell as if they'd forgot what soap and water was. They're not picky." Again she'd chuckle and nod. "Yes, rubbing. Hands all over them. Trying to gag another by shoving their tongue down their throat. At least with the cliental that comes into the Dockside, it's understandable. None of them hold morals anyway. Those that come in here, come in under the guise of innocents and coyest natures. Let them gain the attention of a man, then the true nature rears it's ugly head. They're more wanting and give public displays that would make a whore blush. Once that man leaves, the pretense of being a lady will again ensue to snag another."

"Are there males in here like such upon the women?" Good for the goose, good for the gander? Her warning of less scruples exhibited at the dockside tavern was also duly noted. "Is not this place the same?" It would seem to be.

Slowly shakes her head. "They must live very sad lives." Nodding to that also. "Yes, the men can be as bad as the women too. Yes, they are much the same. It's just at the Dockside, you know to expect such behaviors, and none try to cover it up with false pretense of whom they are. They are rogues and the women whorish, proudly so I would say."

"If one is such a way and admits it, there is an honor there in being honest. The guise I can do without. Guises don't last all that long and the true colors shown. Maybe why nothing ever real comes of it? I'd rather fall in love with a whore for her honesty than one that claims to be a lady and is not." Not that he approved such a life style but the part of honesty making the point.

Nodding in agreement. "I'm sure that's why they always end up with several instead of one. Once the truth comes out, they're pushed away. If they're false about who they truly are, what other lies will be told?" Mug lifted to take several sips from before lowering. "The other thing I find humor in, is displaced royalty. Strange how many kings, queens, princes and princesses come here. I know if I had blue blood in me, and my lands were taken away, I'd find a way to gain them back. Unless it was by choice I left them, then the last thing I'd do is cry about lost titles. Too many cling to such meaningless things. The title don't make the person, the person makes the title. At least that's my belief."

He finished off the concoction, actually enjoying it, before setting it aside. He was up from his lean. "I would agree with you there also. Perhaps another time we can discuss titles, kings and queens." Not making any definite commitment for he didn't know how his days would go. It was left to if their paths crossed again. "I need to get back for a delivery. I've enjoyed our conversation Carlotta."

"I'll look forward to it, always enjoy to gab at any ear that I can bend and make listen." Jokingly. Then a smile to appear. "I too have enjoyed it Victor. Safe travels."

Carlotta might well be a wealth of information for him in adjusting to this new era. Each day a new step for him until he caught up. Smile was spectacular that held a flash of white added before he was around on a heel making a quick purposeful exit before he was late.