Autumn Iris MacShire

Named for the season she was born in. Red highlights shone like the glorious bedecked trees of Fall.Bright blue eyes like the clear skies, she even had that deliciously devilish quality inherited from her father. Sent off to boarding school as was proper, she learned to curtail these tendencies making her Da proud. It was hard at times not to revert. Average height of 5'5" she was almost always found at her cousin Sarah's side. The two as close as sisters. Nothing average about her as that smile would bedazzle and attest to.

Born of Draven and Evi MacShire. Her mother leaving at an early age, both she and her brother Gerard were raised by their father, friends and family. She had a happy childhood that was filled with the usual adventures. Her education seen to by her father and tutors brought in until the age of sixteen. She was sent off to Ireland and Scotland in turn to schools for ladies. Here she was taught the proper way of conduct and skills required of a wife if that should be her destiny. Although Autumn was one more to scowl at the dictation of a woman's place in society, she enjoyed cooking, sewing, embroidery and other refinements that were taught. She did well in her studies achieving honors in some such as cooking.

She never forgot the skills of hunting and tracking her brother taught her as she had enjoyed them as much as the others. Although she became skilled at tracking she found she was unable to kill the beautiful creatures of the forest and would, instead, befriend them much to the chagrin of her brother. 

Once home she started her studies under her cousin Andrew and the art of healing in the Druid ways. Druid was a way of life and perception of all life along with the forces that made up nature and existence in a delicate balance. It was something to be respected and honored rather than abused for one's own self centered purposes.

She resides in her father's home along with her brother Gerrard -- Ravanna of Heathfield. She met a man she fell in love with, Yusuf al-Azhar, becoming engaged. However, with an opportunity to learn from the great chefs in France, England and Japan, she went abroad. The time turned from a few months to a couple years as one learning led to another adding to that Spain and Germany. She arrived home, finally, a few days before her father married and now she was to see her fiancee, if she still had one. She was hoping for the best and prepared for the worse, to see what they had withstood distance and time or if they would find it had been a fleeting thing.


Ravanna of Heathfield was the main farmlands that spread over about five hundred acres of land. Rolling hills and meadows were cultivated to grow a variety of grains such wheat, barley, oats and rye. Corn along with various berries were also cultivated. Cows and goats that provided the milk and apple orchards that supplied all the lands with cider. Ravanna Manor was large and spacious with balconies off of many of the rooms. A large veranda offered summertime enjoyment outdoors when nights were insufferable with the heat. It was comprised of a large living area, dining room, kitchen and a few offices downstairs while the bedrooms of ten guest rooms, one used by Autumn and one by Gerard and one large master bedroom along the whole front upstairs that offered a view of the Crystal Gold Lake from the windows and balcony.

Autumn was known to chase the cook from the kitchen to prepare the evening meal for her family, leaving her to do the larger crowd cooking that was served to the hired help. Employment of a good hundred and twenty men and thirty women to cultivate the fields, apple, corn and berry picking, along with those who tended the livestock. Ten large silos held the grains that would feed the lands throughout the year. A lot of the summer's harvest was canned as more were employed during this season. There was always work available on this farmland as it continued to grow over the years.

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Photo used for Autumn is of the actress Yasmine Bleeth. It is used only a representation of how the fictional character of Autumn would look. No claims are made to any of the photos on this page.

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