Is evil conceived in the womb?  Is it born into this world?  Or do all lives start with the slate of innocence, the evil we do corrupting our souls, marking our deeds, as time takes it's toll?

Or perhaps the most evil of men are not born at all.  They are ... manifested from the ether.  Never a child.  Never a pure being.   Ruthless, heartless, from the moment wicked deeds take matured physical form.

To these tainted creatures, the lives of others hold no value.  To injure. To maim. To kill.  To sleep.  To eat. To breath.  Each as natural an act as the others.   Followed through with bored abandon.  Just another day.


Eric Westmoreland

aka Black Beard

There are none survived who knew him as a child.  So was he ever one?
There are none survived who knew him before his reign of death.  Had he ever compassion? 
There are none survived who knew him - truly knew him.  Was this a blessing?
To delve within the soul of such evil would be certain death.
But then, certain death was all that is promised to us. 
Perhaps, a man such as this only assisted to bring about the inevitable. 
Shortening the wait for our birthright of death.
At sea, he had always been known as Black Beard, Captain of the pirate ship, Vortex.


At sea, when his mood struck and his name's sake was shaved from his flesh, he had also been known as Black Death.
On land, Eric Westmoreland was the name he used.  His at birth? That is, if you believe a soul so dark could be birthed.  Or perhaps that name was adopted for lack of any other when human form coalesced.
Does it truly matter?  Death needs no other names.

With no passion for camaraderie, there is only survival.
A common necessity for men of his ilk.
Black Doom - Percival Duncan Graham.
Westmoreland neither trusts him or respects him. 
But together they achieve great things.
And survival tops that list of accomplishments.

"Do not cry out to your god.  Your god has forsaken you.  Welcome to my hell."

(This is only a role-playing character.  A fictional creation for play.)

The Unholy Trinity

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