Temple of Amun-Ra

          Ra - Sun God, King of the Gods a falcon crowned with a sun disk or a man with a falcon's head. Ra was the God of the Sun. He sailed across the heavens in a boat called the 'Barque of Millions of Years'. At the end of each day Ra was thought to die and sailed on his night voyage through the Underworld, leaving the Moon to light the world above. The boat would sail through the twelve doors, representing the twelve hours of night-time. The next dawn, he was born again.

          It was not always smooth sailing. During the day Ra had to fight his chief enemy, a snake called Apep. He was helped by the other gods, such as Seth and Bastet. The sun disk on Ra's head often has a cobra round it. A cobra appears on the forehead of Pharaohs, like Tutankhamen. Ra was the greatest of the gods and he kept his power in his secret name, which only he knew. He had started to grow old, and sometimes he dribbled. Isis collected some of his saliva and made it into a snake. She hid the snake where Ra would walk. When Ra trod on it, it bit him, and Ra screamed in pain. All the gods gathered round, but none could heal him. Isis said "If you tell me your secret name, this will give me enough magic power to heal you." Ra didn't want to do this, but eventually the pain was so bad that he had to. Isis healed him, and ever since then she has the magic powers that Ra had.

          Amun was one of the most powerful gods in ancient Egypt. At the height of Egyptian civilization he was called the 'King of the Gods'. However, when Amun was combined with the sun god Ra he was even more powerful. He was then called Amun-Ra.

Followers of Amun-Ra

          Khalil Pasha ruled Egypt with a benevolent hand, allowing the following of the ancient gods so long as the families who worshiped them kept to the laws of the land.  Among these was the family of Lisamba al-Azhar, who lived in the city of Alexandria. Lisamba (lion) al-Ahzar was one of Khalid Pasha's viziers and a high priest.  His wife, Meskhent (destiny), was a daughter of a lesser prince. Rashidi (wise) al-Dawla, was a noble whose family had served the family of al-Ahzar for many years.  His wife, Amisi was a daughter of a noble.

          When the Pasha was poisoned, the land was thrown into chaos. The Pasha's nephew, Bekeirgi and his General, Eibedi, fought for control of the throne subtly at first, but soon there would be outright war. Neither man would allow the worship of the old gods.  Both men saw this coming, and moved to protect their families, their estates, those that worked their lands, and of course, their money. Both heads of the family needed to stay, knowing well it might mean their deaths. They sent their children out to seek new lands to hide away in until what time peace could be regained. They need not die too and would be the insurance that their families would live on.

          They were smuggled away on a few different ships; separating them initially until arriving upon the shores of Heathfield at different times. A place Lisimba had traveled to many years before and knew it managed to keep peace and their families safe. His children, Yusuf (26) would become Vizier in his absence. Anhur (25) is high priest under the teachings of Amun-Ra. Jendaya (24) was a trained alchemist and herbalist. Kafele (22) was in training as a physician and would continue his training. Rahmirre (21) would take on the duties of Scribe. A record their father hoped to see one day but if not, then recorded for the generations to come after him and them. Deshira (19), is being trained as a Priestess under Anhur.  Their Qiana, lead by Chaamat (22) would also go with them, continuing her service to the family.

          Rashidi al-Dawla had been in service of protecting the al-Azhar family. His wife, Amisi, was of a minor noble family. Their families had become fast friends over the decades. Trust and loyalty unquestioned. His children would continue the same by leaving to meet up with the al-Azhar in the new lands, hence insuring their survival and continuation. Isaac Ghalib al-Dawla (24) would be head of his family in these new lands as Protector especially assigned to Deshira.  His brother Heru (23) would be head warrior. Dendera (21) was their clothier. Emuishere (20) became a healer along with her sister Banafrit(19). The youngest brother, Khaldun (18) was in training under Heru.

          Chaos continued to reign in the large city of Alexandria. Any contact they had with their parents became severed after a year way. Now it was many more and even as the rumbling settled at times, their fate was still unknown. The chances of them still being alive were slim or they would have made contact. During that time they were able to transfer the temple to the new lands so that it would not be destroyed. It was reconstructed at the fork of a river not far from the Azhar Manor.

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