Gulliver's Travels Tavern

As Maurice partnered up with Patrick Maitland he soon realized he needed a place convenient to where his friend was situated and where he could conduct such business not suited in the lands of Heathfield or connected with his Cattle Ranch. He eventually found this place up from the port in Rhydin in Gavin's Bay. Here in a quaint tavern by the name of Gulliver's Travels he found himself more often when he met with Patrick. He gradually got to know the older proprietor and in the process found he was looking to sell and retire. An agreeable price was set and met as he also agreed to keep the tender Mandy under his employment. Mandy was perfect for she had that way about her to make all feel welcome, some flirted with and others not. More, she knew how to run an efficient bar.

He hired a bouncer by the name of Todd along with a good cook, Terry. Now Terry was a fiery redhead who when done with her chores in the kitchen would come out to help Many out when it got crowded. Her cooking was becoming known around the area and many came just for the meals served. The tavern held a rustic feel to it. Various items from ships were on shelves that lined the walls. Murals were also about the room showing illustrations from the infamous story of Gulliver and his Travels. The building was a good size to work with along with rooms upstairs. Mandy, Terry and Todd all stayed right at the tavern so its safe keeping was insured. Todd may of been the man muscle man when Maurice was not around but they were soon finding out that both Mandy and Terry could hold their own too. Of course Ice had to set himself a project of converting one particular room for private gatherings of friends.

The Cage Room

This room was large with a even higher ceiling than the tavern's main room. Sturdy beams of a dark wood ran upwards to a center point. Cream colored stucco in-between. From this point hung a cage, largest one could imagine. He had it specially made. It was gold but not the gleaming kind but dulled some as to not distract. The cage could fit comfortably four bodies. For main bars ran down around the circular structure with two smaller ones in-between each set. They were spaced wide enough a body could pass between. There was a Dutch door to the cage with the bottom section matching the ornate wrought design of the bottom section around. It also had a foot rail running that circular distance. There was another foot rail even yet, like an outside perch along the bottom, a bottom that stood above the floor a good eight inches. The wrought iron working of the bottom panels, intricate in a Celtic design of knots while the 3/4 of the rest of the cage were the bars only. A six inch thick chain held it from the ceiling about ten feet in length. There was a bar to one corner and tables along the walls.

The entertainment in this room would be by invitation only. There was a dance area where exotic dances were held. A mud pit to one corner was filled with edible gel, various flavors. The other corner a pole had been installed for those so inclined to use it in dance.

There is nothing like the flavored mud - gel pit to wrestle around in.

Exotic flavors, alcohol included.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Pina Colata, Screwdriver, Margarita

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