"So what brings you to this portion of humanity? Out for some self inflictions?" Inquired in a teasing manner. When Maurice waved to another, focus would shift in that direction to see whom it was being beckoned.

Catching sight of his brother, he headed that way after nodding.  It was a night for drinking it seemed.

"I came for the lovely sight of you." Which was not untrue for she was. That spark lit in blue eyes as this time a smile flashed.

Makes a face at Conner. "I can handle me drink just fine and well. Besides, I have protection." Hand lifted to pat Maurice's shoulder before she was looking up at him with a chuckle. "Keep talking like that, you'll have me believing it in no time." A wink and smile to Xan, she'd snag a glass so he could share in the bottle of Irish whiskey also. "Evening handsome." Carly was a bit over the tipsy side, but she's a happy drunk, so all's good.

Looked like he had some catching up to do.  He accepted the glass then held it out so whichever one of them had it could fill it. "Thank you. " It was very noisy in here.

"I certainly hope so or I will fear all me charm melted into yesterdays." He shifted up enough to give his brother a strong clasp of his shoulder before sharing the bottle of Irish whiskey by pushing it against his chest.

Maurice had the bottle, she's still sipping from that cup. A glance toward Kikaru and a nod before attention was back on her company. "I doubt you'd ever lose your charm luv. You're just too full of it!"

Ice was right there with her, maybe if they discovered that, they could make beautiful music together or better, hot and steamy.


Oof!  Fumble, and the glass nearly went.  He chuckled as he filled it and handed the bottle back over to the elder brother.

He knew a river bank...

Water sports?

Coupled with mud slide, slip sliding away into bliss. As the Chinese fortune cookie dictated this day ... enjoy life's simple pleasures.

"We need to have a backside contest in here, all men must participate." That from out of the blue as she glanced over the room.

A glance slid to the one that looked fresh out of a library. Then again looks could be deceitful and a passion to burn like an inferno beneath the veil of spectacles.

He wasn't going to reply to that comment.  Instead, he looked over the room, lips pursed in a whistle until he took a good drink of the whiskey.

Since Maurice was standing beside her, she'd utilize this fact and lean against him. Just to gain a bit more comfort, not getting in the way of his drinking.

He needed a nuzzle as he leaned in and .. nuzzled. There against the slop of Carly's neck as he drank in the scent to cling to her skin and hair. Just the graze of teeth and tickle of beard before he lifted away. Some might say just a big teddy bear but that fell short than the man certain ones found him to be when it came down to the nitty gritty.

Which would gain Maurice the award of a rare giggle. Blame the whiskey, and his beard. Sidelong glance up at him and she'd offer a bit of a grin. "That tickled." As if he didn't know that already, yet she'd not draw away, just snuggle a bit more. All needed to nuzzle and snuggle once in awhile, it was human nature.

He could do so much more with that beard that would turn a giggled into something far more enticing to a man's ears. "Yes, it did. There." Wicked gleam shot through ice blue eyes as well the grin to flash wide.

Ice was a lucky so and so.  He leaned against the bar, enjoying the taste of the drink.  Gaze wandered here and there as he studied one and then another.

Soft was her laugh to sound. "That proves you did that on purpose then." A grin to appear before it was hidden behind the rise of that mug to sip from.

The bottle returned came around Carly as he had to move in closer to work up and in that next drink. Good one taken before he lowered it to her lips.

"Now why would you think otherwise?" He grinned at Carly., knowing his brother could be a devil.

Mug lowered to set upon the bar, a glance up at him as he held that bottle to her lips. Which would part to permit the opening of the bottle to pass between them, to take a drink when the bottle was tipped. A glance then to Xan and she'd wink.

"I know what I'm doing.." Serious tone and lowered as even that deeper voice rumbled in an Irish brogue. Slow grin drew before he saluted her with the bottle of fine Irish whiskey. No better salute.

Grin to again form. "Oh? And exactly what are you doing Govn'r?" Inquired of Maurice with an amused glint in those soft browns. Corym would gain a wink, then a glance towards Xan. "Charm must be a family trait?" Teasing Xan openly.

He shrugged slightly, laughing.  "Charm is Ice's specialty. I'm afraid I don't hold a candle to him."

"Such dangerous words. My kind of woman." So he would lean in with the nudge of his nose to skim along the line of her jaw with the tease of his lips before the graze of his teeth came against her earlobe.

"I don't believe that for a moment Xan. You exude charm in silence." Teasing him further. That was until the assault of Maurice, which would gain him a shiver in response. "Oh my." What else could she say?

Nothing really.  He hid his laughter by raising his glass for a long drink.

She didn't need to say a word, her response said it all and .. encouraged the man as he trace the tip of his tongue along the delicate outer shell of her ear. Wet. Hot. With just the release of a breath to cool all at the same time before straightening. Dipping glance showed something else that burned in ice blues. It was quickly hidden with the lift of the bottle and along swallow taken before handing off to his brother.

Mug set aside, she'd teach Maurice a lesson. Before he could draw back, she was quick on the counter attack. Hands rose to rest on either side of his neck and keep him close. Tilt of her head as lips would meet in a searing manner. Quite the heated kiss Ice would be gaining.

He took the bottle just in time for Ice to get a searing kiss.  Someone was in trouble here and unfortunately, it wasn't him.

Well, that was until the sear of her lips were upon his. He was quick to wrap her up within the strength of his arms and  ...ravish. Suckling action that assaulted but in a way to leave a definite tingle as her lips were claimed right back completely. He drank in many ways ... deep.. long.. savoring.

His bottom lip to gain the attention of lips suckling, tip of pink to lightly caress the soft surface. Once again the heated press offered before soft brushes would take place as she leaned back slightly to gaze up at him with a grin. "Mmm. Nice." Spoken in a hushed tone, then a grin when she heard Corym target Xan.

One hand splayed the expanse of her back as she was pulled tight against the hard planes of his body. Well tone one as his hand drew down pressing just the base of her spine and derriere to press there before all was eased. He knew when to hold back for the environment and situation in spite of his ways.

"It's mother's milk, lass." He gave her a grin when he answered.  This wasn't as strong as the potcheen they drank.

One hand drew from that shoulder, to lightly brush finger tips through the thickness of his beard. "Thanks, I needed that." Spoken with full honesty.

Good distraction. He wouldn't have to watch Ice and Carly!.  "Well, no.  She wasn't that, but we've been drinking it or something stronger since we were lads." He looked thoughtful for a moment then shook his head. "No, fairly long lived."  A glance given toward Ice and Carly. His brother was a bit busy so he couldn't confirm that.

And he was just as honest. One thing true to him. "As well as I." Even if he could ...use... more, it would be another place he'd seek tonight for that. He knew Carly had scruples and not just a toss in the hay. Except, he sure as hell enjoyed that kiss and closeness.

Lift upwards and she'd brush another tender kiss to momentarily linger before she'd withdraw. "Very nice. Now I know what they mean by the nectar of the Gods." Teasingly stated was the compliment paid. Kissing Maurice was a toe curling experience. Carly will highly prescribe it to all women!

Corym got the turn of heated ice blue eyes as he studied her next. Roguish grin was spreading like a panther on the prowl. Natural expression for him at times. Or the cat that just ate the canary. Well! Distract him again. He was NOT by any means, complaining. He leaned in to drink as good as she gave with the wet searing heat of his tongue to seal the deal across the curve of her lips.

Maurice would gain a genuine smile. "You are a very dangerous man Govn'r." Teasingly stated. Fingers again to brush through his beard before it'd move to snag the bottle of whiskey. It would be lifted to Maurice's lips and tilted to enable him to take a drink.

"I hope so.. I thought maybe I had lost me charm or edge." Except he could back up a whole lot behind the sampling power of a kiss. He drew closer again as the roughen pad of his forefinger ran along the curve of her cheek to trace back the strands of hair that wandered. ".. and Lady, you have passion in your Soul to express when you wish." His finger drawing away as with the lowered words came sincerity.  ".. beautiful inside and out." A drink then taken from the bottle tipped to his lips.

"I have no idea what you may or may not have lost Maurice ... but your charm isn't one of them, to that I can attest." Stated with a wink up at him. Though his last comment did surprise her slightly, and the warmth of her smile to appear. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, luv. Not that I'm complaining that you find me that way ... A handsome gent as yourself, I'm sure I'm being envied by many a lass at this very moment and I'm eating it up." Tease and serious at the same time. The consumption of whiskey had loosened that tongue to speak things she'd normally only think.

Xan cleared his throat and took another drink, finishing the glass.  He set it down on the bartop and straightened. "I think I'll be uh... heading out for some air.  Good night to you, Carlotta.  Ice, I'll see you back at the ranch, later."  Eventually.

Near conspiracy in tone as he leaned in closer again. He would take advantage of every one offered. "See, it's good that I still have me charm or my brother there would steal all away if he could. Although .." Leaning in closer still that had a hand slide around her waist to steady them. "He has some of his own only he hides it. Could be in one of his pockets." Depending on just how wicked one's mind was that could give them a few visualizations.

Ones they didn't need!  He looked at Ice a moment, then laughed.  They were steadying one another? That could be a problem later. A salute was given to both and he headed for the door.  Time to get some air.

Softly she'd laugh, a glance back to Xan as he announced his impending departure. "Good evening Xander, safe travels I bid you." Looking back to Maurice. "Hmm, that's interesting. So what's in your pockets?" Look at that grin grow.

"I'll head out with you Xander." Called to his retreating brother. One use to the great outdoors and well verse in using nature to its fullest advantages at times while noise for lengthy periods at this level would wear on him.

He paused to wait for Ice, giving Carly a boyish grin.  Ice had to have an answer before they left!

A pout when he announced he was leaving also, even if there was amusement glinting in those soft browns. She'd release her hold upon his shoulder, fingers toying with that beard to also retract. "Safe travels to you also Maurice."

"Next time, I'll let you find out. First hand is always best. Especially handling." Wink give in a flash of ice blues before leaning in to sear one last kiss across her lips. Mission accomplished and he was moving in a fluid agility that belied his height and age.

Softly she'd chuckle and wave to the brothers as they departed. There went the last of the eye candy. Until she had a few more drinks, then things could change, of course.

Just as long as Carly didn't wake up in the morning next to what she thought had looked good after many drinks. They're were times when one SCREAMED.

She'd yet to experience that ....hopefully, she never will. Things that make you go ...hmm! Maurice may wake up with a Carly doll snuggled close. Never know how the night will end.

Well, in that case they would pick up where they left off.

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