"...by the very ones that probably are or would easily let a man take them." There was so much irony in those who gossiped and accused others. "I would say you are rich in ways that money cannot touch nor needs to." His salad done he reached for the bottle of champagne with a good POP to follow attesting to its vintage. He poured her glass first before his then set it aside as Mandy was over to clear away the salad bowls once they were both done. She knew Ice could inhale his food when hungry and he'd purposely had not eaten for a few hours.

Offering her empty bowl up to Mandy, a soft ..."Thank you." To be offered to the woman who was working so hard. Focus would turn back upon him with a slow nod. "Yes, I would say I am. I'm in good health, I have a good, stable job. I live in peace, and am making wonderful friends with each passing month. Not to mention my efforts in starting my own business is starting off splendidly." Stated with a smile. "Speaking of which. There is a matter I need to find some information on. Perhaps you could be of some assistance." A hopeful look.

Carly got one of Mandy's rare smiles as well a wink added before she was sauntering off again as Ice responded. "If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask me. I have many connections both within Heathfield and in these parts." His words barely out with a good rugged chuckle. "I would be pleased to help you out if I can. And, if I don't have the information, I can see about procuring it." Some of those connections implied. Mandy was back as she set the main dish out. Plate was a little warm so they were warned. Chucks of lobster, crab meat, scallops and fish took up half the plate while the other half had one section of steamed baby carrots and a doubled baked potato. The seafood and vegetable were topped off in a light creamy cheese sauce, not too overpowering, while small bowls on a platter were set having sour cream, bacon bits, butter and grated cheese to use on the potato.

A pause as she looked at the spread put out before her. "Wow." A bit of amazement in the feast, then focus was back upon him as she smiled. "There's an area of land, to the south of Barretts Bay, up on the ridge. It looks to be about eight acres, a meadow nestled between the forest and the cliffs. I was wondering how I would go about to see if the land if for sale or lease, and If I'd be able to build upon it." Glass taken in hand and drawn towards her. "It would be a perfect place for a home and office." Stated before a sip would be taken of the champagne, slowly savoring it before the glass was set aside. The pleased look upon her features would give a showing to her like of the vintage chosen.

"One of the islands?" There were a couple smaller than Salaria that he knew of. Some he utilized the caves of to store certain kinds of goods. "I own a couple of those." How he was able to use them without worry and some of his men guarded. Well hidden by such forests and the islands too small to be of interest except for the occasional lovers that thought they could be used for rendezvous. With Ice's humor, such situations would end up having the two running for their lives after a good scare. Ones such as animals about like gorillas or making it seemed some warrior head hunting tribe inhabited it. The one with the meadow they rarely used as he considered this. "They don't come cheaply. No land does. How much are you willing to pay for such or can?" It was a start to work this through if indeed it was one of his she had her eye on. Mandy was thanked along with a wink before she was quickly off to see to that crew of sailors now wanting something to eat.

Slow shake of her head. "No, it's not an island. It's a parcel of land along the cliffs. About an hour ride to the South." Trying her best to describe the area she spoke of. "You can see the harbor clearly from it's height. There's a tree line that curves around the meadow there, running along the edge of the cliffs. It offers a natural wind shield to the small section of land nestled there." Fork would again set to motion. A chunk of lobster would be the first chosen. A look of sheer delight to appear when she took that morsel into her mouth.

It was the direction of 'South' that threw him for there was only ocean there from the cliffs. "Down from where the castle stands a few miles? Place where the cliffs give way enough for land in a cove area?" West of the castle. He was trying to visualize the area as he'd not been along that particular section in a while. It brought to mind another fact he would impart. "If it is on Heathfield lands, they do not sell but a deal can be worked out. Lands, businesses are leased." The scent of the food was too enticing to ignore even if he was trying to figure out the parcel she spoke on. He dug in and it was clear by his expression this was one of his favorite meals. Why he learned long ago to make it himself.

"That sounds like the place, I think." Softly chuckles. "I happened upon it while out riding. All I can tell you is that it's along the cliffs and you can see the harbor from this area easily. I had thought I was traveling south." A bit of a grin. "But then again, I'm no navigator." Teasingly stated. "Leasing would be fine as well, as long as I'm aloud to build. If not, then I could always find another area in which to build my home and office upon." She was already digging in. "This is absolutely wonderful." Finally stating. Not realizing just how hungry she was until the smell of the food hit her. So busy she had been today, she had missed both the day's earlier meals.

"If you want, I can take a ride out with you and see exactly where this patch of land is. I have the means to see about negotiations and setting up the lease. It is one of my jobs although a few others also take care of such matters in authority. I see no reason it would not be granted." Especially if he had a say and he usually had a say in such matters. It wasn't long before had wolfed down the meal and the scent of pie already being brought out. Deep dish Dutch apple, which he didn't make but the cook. There was a slab of vanilla ice cream angled against the warmth and already melting as Mandy brought them over. She took the empty plates and headed back for the bar as the group of sailors would be getting their meal next as it was readied by the cook.

To that she'd nod in agreement as her smile returned. "All right, that sounds like a wonderful plan. At least this way I could get my bearings on its exact placement." A look of delight upon seeing the dish set before her. Ice cream, now there was a rare delight. Spoon collected and she'd immediately dig into the cold mound. Peering up at him inbetween bites. "I'm coming here to eat more often." Stated with a bit of a grin as she teased.

"You are always welcome here." Just before he was digging in too. The look on his face showed how much this was his favorite dessert. As the man entered, Mandy spied him right off giving him one of those welcoming smiles. Obviously that was where he could get a drink. The crew of sailors also noted the man but went right back to their joking and drinking while waiting their meal. "Is it ready yet Mandy?" One sailor called out as his stomach growled in testament to his next retort. "I'm starving. I'll be eating my seat soon." Mandy waved them off with a laugh as the cook came out and seeing Mandy had a customer brought it over to the men instead. With a twinkle in her eyes she turned on the lad. "What can I get you?"

Soon her dessert would be polished off, and she'd rest back upon her seat with a satisfied sigh. "Now I need a sofa to lay back on. I think I've over ate my fill." Stated with a soft laugh in her voice. The glass of champagne would be taken in hand and lifted in Ice's direction. "Thank you for the wonderful meal, the exquisite company, and the assistance you offer." The gentle warmth of her smile to appear as she lifted her glass in a toast to him.

Mandy wouldn't go by nicknames for drinks as she eyed the lad suspiciously. "Can't say that I do but if you can tell me what it is made of, I'm sure I can get you something suitable." Ice took note of the lad talking with Mandy. Brief glance before focus was back on Carly. "I have a sofa in the back." Teasing her in turn as he too leaned back into that relax state to allow his food to settle. The apple pie especially left a good taste to linger. "Thank you for sharing it with me, made it all that more finer." He lifted his glass of champagne in a toast. "To a successful future.." Could mean a lot of things but mostly what they had spoken on.

"I'll drink to that." Glasses to lightly touch before it was drawn back to take a slow, savored sip. Rich chestnut colored eyes would glance towards the newly entered. Mainly keeping track of all present within the tavern's confines. Her own state of dress may make her seemingly out of place in such an establishment; looks were clearly deceiving. The glass would then be set upon the table once more. "Don't be surprised if you find me curled up upon it and snoring contentedly." Teasingly stated with a bit of a grin. Amusement easily glinted within soft brown depths.

"I have mead and German lager. Irish dark ale.." Mandy retorted more to let the man know as she was sauntering off in a natural born sway to see to a tall tankard of the mead. She was back a few moments later as she set the now heavier vessel down. "A copper it will be." Giving the man a wink. They were not pricey here like some establishments that expected a bag of gold which would buy the town but a man and his money could be easily parted if one wanted to take advantage of it. The touch of the champagne glasses held that true crystal chime. "You'd be welcome to Carly. I might even show you a room set aside for private entertainment."

Glass lowered as a brow would slowly rise. "Private entertainment? What sort of entertainment would that be, Maurice?" Hand lowered to smooth over the pale yellow satin of gown's skirt. Fighting back the urge to stretch her legs out under the table while relaxing and letting the meal settle. Soft browns met that vision of blue as she awaited the reply.

Not all the clientele knew of this room that was set aside for friends and friends of friends with approval. A straying glance was given the crew of sailors who were content chowing down their food but Ice well knew they had ears as he leaned in to impart some of the attractions of this room. Mandy beamed a smile the lad's way as she took the coin to till it away in a box beneath the bar on a shelf. Because he wasn't a troublemaker like some with a smart mouth she brought him over a bowl containing a mix of peanuts, bread sticks and fish chips. "Enjoy." Came the pleasant lilt of her voice
before the sailors were voicing their need of more ale to wash down the food. She was on the move to fill a few more tankards setting them on a tray then sashaying her way over to them to set out and collect the empties.

She'd lean in closer to listen to the words he had to impart about this area in which he spoke. While he held her focus in hearing, rich chestnut colored eyes would stray towards the room and those gathered within. Just a moment in observation as details were softly spoken.

He leaned back with that devilish gleam in his eyes so he could watch her expression. Mandy in turn was heading back to the bar with the tray of empties and coins tended accordingly. The empties set in the sink and the coins put into the till.

Now a brow would slowly rise as her focus would shift back to Ice. "Hmm. Really. I'd really be interested in finding out why you think I'd be interested in this private area." Amused glint in soft browns as she settled back upon her seat once more, bringing back her glass of champagne with her. Hint of a grin to shadow that smile of hers.

"Because you enjoyed your meal so well this night." Flavors came to mind. Certain ones as that devilish grin lit up ice blue eyes in turn. He was up in a stretch of limb, much needed by this time. "Would you care to take a walk down by the pier?" It was that time where night would almost completely claim the sky leaving it with lingering streaks just above the horizon. The stars would twinkle higher up where it darkened enough. "We can discuss more of this patch of land in the fresh sea air while we walk off our meal."

Glass resettled upon the table. "That sounds like a wonderful idea." Pushing her seat back, she'd rise from it after. Hands set against her abdomen, flat, to smooth over the material of that stylish gown. "The evening and sea air is a wonderful combination in which to find relaxation and peace." Why she often spent that time at the docks, prior to heading off to one of the lakes or springs in which to relax further.

She was offered the bend of his arm to take for he would escort her in style as he stepped around the chair. Once her hand was placed he was in an adapted stride to suit hers as they headed out. The group of sailors turned a discreet eye to eye the woman but not overly in here for Maurice's reputation along with the bouncer he had hired. Burly man sitting at a corner table that offered him a full view of the room. He mostly kept his eye on Mandy so none manhandled her without ending up with at least a broken nose. He seemed to be reading one of the local newspapers but looks and actions could be very deceiving. The night would find them a gentle cooling breeze coming in off the ocean to add to the appeal.

A small wave to Mandy. "Good night lass, and thank you again." Came the soft spoken Irish lilt of her voice to the tender. Hand nestled upon Ice's arm, she'd move at his side as he guided her from the tavern's confines, and out into the coolness of the evening. A glance up at the star filled heaven before looking over at him. "Ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light?" Brow rose, again that amused glint would appear within those rich chestnut hues and a playful grin to touch upon her lips.

"I have never danced with one of the McAndrews but if you're wanting to dance with a devil, moonlight or not... that can be arranged." Deep rumbling chuckle as that would set the mood for their bantering to continue with the stroll. Mandy would give the lad a wink as she finally took a break, leaning against the shelving behind the bar and watching that group before slanting a glance over Bill then back to the lad.

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