Also Known As "Ice"
High Laird McDonough clan.

Well situated in the lands of Heathfield. Political Advisor to the Crown.

Co-owner of McDonough Cattle Ranch. Widower.
Son: Rory Michael and daughter Sarah Irene.
Owner of Gulliver's Travels Tavern, just up from the Rhydin Port in Gavin's Bay.

Six Foot Seven
Russet Curly Hair
Ice Blue Eyes
Broad Muscular Build
Forty-two Years
Single - Widowed

A charmed roguish grin flashed white against the russet beard, there and gone just as quick as brilliant ice blue eyes dance bemused with a devilish glint. Chestnut colored hair fell in tight curls down his back just past his shoulders, noble aqualine features held a touch of undeniable strength in the set of his jaw & cleft chin. At 6' 8" he stands tall, squared shoulders setting off the display of masculature sinews laying in aesthetic planes across a broad chest, tapering down his torso, ending in strong muscular legs. A man's man dressed in a white silk shirt that flowed open into a V, a peek of chestnut hair curled on his chest, black leather pants moved with a supple ease like a second skin. A Greek God's looks & physique caused him a lot of fights in his younger years growing up but gradually his temper was honed like the blade fashioned in the blacksmith's fire. Weapons are hidden upon his person if needed. A "Dandy with an attitude", for in a span of a breath you co be crushed up against a wall in a death's grip.

His first wife disappeared without a trace for good. The marriage, only a few weeks old, was dissolved. Eventually he met Shay Delany and married again becoming the proud father of a son - Rory Michael McDonough and later a daughter - Sarah Irene. Life is an ever-changing journey, time in the sun fell into the time of dark sorrow as Fate's path had him and Shay departing. There was a reconciliation and Shay did returned home but her illness gradually worsen, taking to her bed more often until one day she passed on in her sleep. Rory seemed to inherit her natural gift with horses in particular and so the stables were passed on to their son. The infamous Ferdie the Bull's sires now created havoic from time to time, life held its challenges even in the everyday living.

He and his brother Joe along with Kenneth O'Beirne, worked hard in developing their cattle ranch and it grew and prospered under such a digilent focus. In time his grieving heart mended and those years of concentration on his ranch helped that. He still carved for it was in his blood to do so, from small to large projects when he had the time. Now he is back out amongst others and making new friends while keeping the tried and true ones. He had a lot to live for, a lot to be proud of and he certainly had his own hidden secrets and mysteries in his life.

"Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the ganster of love, some people call me Maurice for I speak on the pompousness of love - a grinner, a lover and a sinner". ~ Lyrics from "The Joker"

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Maurice McDonough

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