Myles Cian MacKeoch

One Soul, many lives.
He was once known as Cuchulain, Prince Rahotep and others.

Warrior strength.
Disciplined in the etheral forces.
To whom much is given, much will be required.

Six foot three
Black wavy hair
Dark Druid eyes
Ancient working with Andrew MacNeil

MacEochaidh, from eoch meaning horse, was anglicised to Keogh, pronounced Kee-oh. Eochaidh, a personal name, was adopted by a family which comprised three distinct septs. Their territory was Limerick and Ballymackeogh, the second sept were lords of Moyfinn around Athlone and Roscommon (known as Keogh's County); the third sept, the MacKeoghs of Linster, is the most recorded. They were related to the O'Byrnes, for whom they were hereditary bards.

 Myles Cian MacKeogh stood about 6' 3" having the dark hair and eyes of the Druids. An ancient warrior descending down the Celtic line as he was called upon throughout history as needed.

He was quietly assured and kept to himself, socializing if he felt such information would further his cause. His destiny far greater than being here to propagate, befriending those instead of a kindred Soul. A warrior honed whose skills came from many past lives, tempered with intelligence. Life was an ongoing mystery of which many were blind. Many secrets he held and his reasons his own, hiding instead behind the skills of a bard.

Those of Good and those of Evil were evenly matched in skill, such chosen in how they were used. While Good worked in the background, unseen, unless needed otherwise, Evil would flaunt in the open calling to the blinded sheep to follow, saying "see, we are the all powerful."

Those with true sight knew better and their path much harder gained but the rewards in the end were greater than even one's imagination could render. "Choice" is the gift given all, so it is up to the individual to choose wisely to follow the instincts of one's heart, mind and Soul, than following a crowd blindly.

"Listen unto thee, thine own heart, and there you shall find the true answer."

And so his time spent here as Fate's path in a story that unfolded had him regaining the sword "Defiance" within his power again from ages past. It took a great oak, an innocent lass and another ancient not unlike himself to fulfill this prophecy. He then gave his allegiance to the other ancient, Andrew and now will use his abilities with his. So to the lands of Heathfield he came to stay for as long as needed here or until destiny calls to him to move on.

"And whence the time came the moon bled so shalt the dragon fall."

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