Padriach Brion McDonnell


Emir had whispered in his ear near seven years ago upon his leave of the Faery People. "Seek the delightful land beyond all dreams. Beyond what seems to us most fair, rich fruits abound the bright year round and flowers are found of hues most rare." In these years of wandering he had not found such lands she spoke on. His heart had become homesick for that which he once knew.

He had made friends along the way, few and far between, but all had been left behind as a new mission took him away. The cry of battle and the clash of steel still rang in his ears as well the blood coated blades to drip. The sound of last breaths taken would haunt his dreams. Most killings held no purpose even if his skill had him walking away from each battlefield whether it was won or not. He had survived wounds most men could not. The hardest was making friends only to see life's light fade from their eyes. The losses became more than he could bare so in solitude he would spend most of his days. The sun rose and set each day as it seemed his path held no end. Discouragement had set in but still he continued. "The star at the end of the darken trail will dim to near not seen. Never give up that which calls to you to follow, Padriach." Emir's words would be recalled and give him heart once more

Padriach had found the open field one had directed him to. A long night of drinking but even longer were his travels that when blended sent the man into a deep sleep. The kind that was long overdue and so heavy that dreams eluded. A healing sleep of body shutting out the mind for once. Wounds of the mind were harder to heal than the wounds or exhaustion of the body. He laid stripped down to just his britches upon his cloak spread out over the cushion of grass. Stardust had wandered off into the woods not far from where he slept. Ever the vigil was kept on his master. Somewhere in the vast void sweet singing lifted him up on those dream planes.

*Where glows the Irish hearth with peat, there lives a subtle spell -- the faint blue smoke, the gentle heat, the moorland odours tell. Of white roads winding by the edge of bare, untamed land. Where dry stone wall or ragged hedge runs wide on either hand. To cottage lights that lure you in from rainy western skies; and by the friendly glow within of simple talk and wise. And tales of magic, love or arms from days when princes met. To listen to the lay that charms, the Connach peasant yet. There honour shines through passions dire, there beauty blends with mirth -- With hearts, ye never did aspire wholly for things of earth! Cold, cold this thousand years -- yet still your pride, your truth, your dauntless will burn on from age to age. And still around the fires of peat live on the ancient days; there still do living lips repeat the old and deathless lays. And when the wavering wreaths ascend, blue in the evening air, the soul of Ireland seems to bend above her children there.

He decided to stay about and meet those of Hibernia's soul that had wandered so far from home, in space and in time to these lands called Heathfield. Distant thought that he should explore these lands for Emir's words once more rang in his inner ear. Could it be?  -- Delightful is the land beyond all dreams, beyond what seems to thee most fair.. Rich fruits abound the bright year round and flowers are found of hues most rare. Unfailing there the honey and vine and draughts divine of mead there be, no ache or ailing night or day, death or decay thou ne'er shalt see. The mirthful feast and joyous play and music's sway all blest, benign, silver untold and store of gold undreamt by the old shall all be thine. A hundred swords of steel refined, a hundred cloaks of kind full rare, a hundred steeds of proudest breed, a hundred hounds thy meet when there. A hundred maidens young and fair of blithesome air shall tend on thee. Of form most meet, as fairies fleet, and of song more sweet than the wild thrust free. That night had been the first milestone for Padriach in the seven years he wandered from that day long ago in time in a walk taken.

 The dance of the Faery goddess woven by threads if lilting melody became intermingle with the songs and toasts in the tavern, caste with the swirl of midnight and stars. New beginnings seemed to be the theme shared by many here and he might well be another drawn. Like attract like. Lost in that twilight, Padriach was sorting things out until the slant of the dawn's new light washed over his sleeping face. The lilt of song swirled away when moondust melted into sunlight. He stirred with the lift of heavy lids to watch a cricket move about in the grass. He had not found a way back to the time of Lugh or his father Cuchullin and so settled in that his destiny was here. He might not ever be able to return if Fate had other plans. One had to find out to be sure first and not just accept it was Fate's hand. There was a fine line in knowing the difference and more, acceptance. The air is as the soul's energy itself, revitalizing as deeper breaths were taken. The haze of sleep taking a few moments to clear before he was up to find a lake to wash in and begin the new day in a new home.

Along the Shores

The thundering crash of evening tides swelling against the battered rocks, soothed and coaxed her heart.  It was the loud sounds that drowned out all else.  The sun pulling the blanket of the sea over himself and allowing the slender sliver of the moon to raise in glory in the heavens.  Reilea watched, pale blue eyes struck in awe, as each event unfolded.  Hours spent in the bitter slash of damp wind.  But, she was a creature of the cold.  Veins that could sustain solid ice if needed.  Even if her soul was as brilliant and warm as the sun.  How many here had seen that from her thus far?  She certainly could not count them on her fingers.  Wrapped in the powder blue shawl of soft lambs wool; beneath that twilight color that remained in theme dawned comfortably in a silk slip about her.  Nearly ruined for the droplets that splattered up against her.  Set had remained on that perch,  an element beaten boulder that provided the grandest view.  At least, from the low vantage she was at.

Padriach had finally come to the conclusion, that .. for whatever reason ...  the Faeries and Druids had decided he was here, in these lands, for a duration. First he had spent a lot of time trying to find a way back. Next he started to meet others but then was incline to go exploring ... a lot. This place was a vortex for him that he kept coming back to. A center point. He wasn't sure of the knowledge gained in the time corridor portal but he was finding out he knew a lot of things he never knew he knew. Odd that, but then much had been odd for Patrick from the moment he was born. He was use to odd, he was not use to stagnant, boxed in, concepts. This day had him out exploring that took him to the cliffs along the coast. Stone paths that had been set by the hands of god and goddesses were followed that wound him from tremendous heights to the sands below where the waves crashed in claim but would leave their daily gifts, treasures of shells and sea creatures. It was here, when he ventured out closer to the ocean he caught sight of blue, drawing him around on a heel to face the one up on her perch.

"It is most interesting, the amount of beauty and peace that is found in such a site of chaos."  Reilea didn't look his way at first.  Though a smile began to lift on her lips.  The silhouette of seagulls swooping down to catch the glittered fish that were flipping into brief sight.  The chaos was the slamming waves against those cliffs.  Like a Spring thunderstorm that swore the worst was yet to come.  Drawing in a deep breath of that salty air, Reilea turned those glacial eyes to look on Padriach.  She bore no ill-kept ideas on him.  In fact, it was his curiosity in that previous meeting that lead her to think well of him.  He was one that took steps to learn.  "It is good to see you again, Padriach."  The honesty there in the shimmer of her eyes.

Wool sweater of golden brown was worn over heavy tweed dark brown pants. Boots laced up beneath his knees and overturned in a cuff of a lighter shade. Leather straps crisscrossed over the sweater that had various items kept secured on his person. A hooded windbreaker over all but was left open as thumbs hooked in the belt of his pants. Hood was down as the sea's breeze tossed strand of curls about on his head. He watched her without saying a word for she seemed so serene here he didn't have the heart to intrude on that. Eventually she would see him but he stayed in place as to make that not too soon. Once she looked his way the smile tipped easily. "You have found a spot to call your own, Reilea." Eyes of russet burned a flame to her glacial ones in contrast. "Quite beautiful." Turning towards the sea and which when he looked real close he could make out a few ships on the horizon.

"I am eager to see what this look like when the snow begins to fall."  She remember that he had not seen Winter yet, experienced what there truly was within it.  But in a world that was a contrast to her own, she yearned for the soft white powder that would blanket the lands.  "Have you found a place to call your own?"  Tipping her head to the side enough, that those silvery-blonde strands billowed against her neck and cheeks.  She patted the spot beside her on the boulder, offering silently.  If he would like to sit.  Reilea would not coax when his preference might be in remaining standing.

"I have a cottage granted me a short distance in from the cliffs way up there." Turning as a thumb slid from its holstered position so he could point with his forefinger. Well, direction of wind had the pointing finger move slow until a spot was found exact where if one were to fly right up there and back two hundred yards, they'd find the cottage he chose. When he felt all contact was severed, it was when he procured the home. A table, one chair and a pallet on the floor. Oddly, he found money the next day setting on the table. Like a pot of gold it was and then he knew they were seeing to bringing some of his inheritance. A double blade sword for it had him wondering if they were disposing of him here to live out his years, like it or not, or only some sort of test in a learning experience. His hand falling away as a boyish grin sprung to life while he took up her invitation. He was over in quickening flash, much like an Elf in movement but he wasn't Elf. Up and settled before she could blink. The look on his features beamed with approval in her choice.

It was that look that had her letting out a soft, merry laugh.  It amused and softened her even more around him.  The only tidbit that had her eyes ever intent on him, was the speed.  She knew this quickness.  "You move like the wizen ones.  They always tricked me, too fast for even me to outwit."  It was another flavor of home.  Her eyes went dreamy at the thought of how she ran through the frozen woods with those Wizen leading her about.  Eventually to find the brightest winter blooms or cold fruits.  Curious and ever bold, Reilea lifted a hand to sweep back those curls of his and touch down on his ears.  Did they have the same points?

"I would like to think I am one of the Wizen Ones but I fear I fall short and that is why they sent me here. You are not from here?" This much he picked up on this near as he had not been so close to her before. His skin was warm and there were no points on his ears but she might noticed the golden cast to his skin like an underlying illumination, or translucent veil so sheer one would not notice until near. "You have that of ice about you but you are not cold. You are a paradox to what seems and what is."

"I am from behind the looking glass.  Or more, that is the best way for me to explain it.  Something happened and I cannot find out how to get back."  You would think that any mirror might work as well.  There, she was wrong.  Tucking that curl behind his ear, she gave him that soft smile.  He really wasn't so bad at all.  Perhaps they were both caught on days that were bad.  Or it was the common situation that didn't mesh well in the beginning. "There might be more to why you are here, if you were sent."  A light frown tugged at the corner of her lips.  She wasn't sent.  She made a mistake.

He made a soft humming sound under his breath as he thought on what she had to say. It wasn't all that much different from his. "Mirror you say. Not all that unlike the bending of time, reflected back or forward and a fissure fallen through. I found that not just any field will work walking backwards through." Which implied he had tried a few. Slow smile brought about a dimple. "Maybe you can believe when I say, I am from the beginning of mankind when both children lived side by side and propagated together. Time of demigods, Lugh the long arm and his son Cuchullin. He married as his legends preceded him, to Emir and they had children. The story of changelings and prices paid, one of this legend was taken away to the Hollow Hills they call them now. A universe in its own beneath a great mountain only those of not mere mortal eyes can see even if they be part mortal." She might notice the russet of his eyes grew more red in fissures that appeared to move like silent flames.

"That is one of the many beginnings.  Each culture looked into the reflections differently.  The cold surface of the mirror captured all."  There was much that she had learned in the long libraries within the Ice Castle.  "Then you would not find it odd that I am beyond years that is common to man that walks here.  Little by little, I am discovering why it might have been this land that I fell into."  She turned to watch the curling waves for a moment, dragging in a scared breath.  Even if she spent many months here, she still had that tremble of fear.

What had become of Eisoria?  Or what had not? "Oh, you'd be much luckier than I then. I be thinking it be the pranking of the Faery Folk in getting even with some of the demigods. Tell me what you have discovered so far that lends you to believe it was a destiny set rather than some mishap to be falling ye." His accent getting richer as he became more comfortable, to the point he laid back against the boulder. Sky above became his focus as a smile trickled thoughtfully. "I would not be surprised on anyone's age considering my own and I don't be looking a day over twenty and five."

"Well, there is still the mishap.  But then there is this unique scent and song in the land.  It calls out to all.  Those deemed normal and far from normal."  With a turn, she looked over her shoulder upon him, watching how he relaxed and fell into an ease around her now.  It brought another smile to finally curve her lips.  "The Wizen Ones are known for their tricky ways.  Pranksters at heart, no matter the plethora of knowledge they contain."  A hand reached back and brushed those fingertips along his cheek before falling away.  "You will learn the meaning of it all soon.  When it is all right.  That is the only hope that I hold onto for myself."

"Aye, there is a song here that spans the ages, the same one that lures those of a heart. Knowledge abounds in more ways than most perceive and not even know they are picking up upon. The song of a bird in tones, the sweep of a breeze upon the meadow and the draw of a smile." Red toned eyes turning on her with the last so he didn't miss her smile. "Wizen Ones are not with their noses stuff in a book like some bookmark conception but tricky old devils that never age be they appear that way or no. I will learn. I am destined to learn but it won't be getting me cottage furnished and made into a home. This is home, I know this now and each day will bring me closer as the why of it all." He was that quick to capture her hand back as he brought it up to his lips. Eyes held to hers as he touched each fingertip against the cushion of lips in a tiny kiss before lowered and released.

"I miss a home.  The room in the Thistle is soft and accommodating, but it still loses the comforts that a hearth provides."  He might understand her meaning, no matter the cryptic of her speech.  She watched, studied him close as he captured her hand and touched the pads against the warm softness of his lips.  It was a comfort that flooded her senses.  Unexplainable.  She shifted, turning her whole body to face him more before those pale blues took note of him more.  He was as lost as she.  As accepting as she.  It was that further comfort of knowing another that understands the plight.  "I can help, if you would like.  To create a more comfortable abode."  She'd let him decide.

"For sure I would be liking that." He moved to his side then up as he'd been studying her too. "Not too frilly but making it seem like a woman had her touch, I can be saying it was me own mother." Wink added as he was down from the perch and a hand held out for her to take. "The commons is still open and vendors calling their wares and it was me own mother that had said, there be nothing like the present me dear Padriach to stop collecting dust and make good use of yer hands."


That was simply too much to keep her in a straight face.  The merry trill of her laugh came with a soft draw as she slid down from the boulder and took up his hand.  "Your mother sounds like she would make one smile and cringe in worry of chores at the same time.  A good woman then."  Rei watched him for a moment before looking ahead.  "Then let us visit the commons and you could tell me of your mother along the way?"

"Aye but she did. Only good news was I didn't mind. I found keeping me hands busy allowed me mind to figure things out without me even knowing it." Hard working sounding like a lazy man's way out. Her hand in his was swallowed up as he tucked her close then started looking for the trail he found that led down here. "Be gorrah, I be thinking the Faery Folk be living here also, not just their descendants." Like they had followed him to continue their prankster ways when lo and behold as the words slipped past his lips, there was the trail. "We be getting to it quickly lass before they roll it up the side of the cliff on us." Ushering her with him in a quicken step and so it would be how it was all the way to the marketplace.

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