Owner of the NorthStar Dairy

Six Foot Three * Twenty Seven Summers
Blue Eyes * Strong Build

One With Nature

Originally he stayed at GoldenDawn Manor, Ballicastle, home of the Clearys. Residing there is his cousin Victor, brother Michael, sisters Diane and Roseann and Aunt Samantha - or so adopted. His cousin Kathleen having married Neale Frasier and resides in Falkirk Manor with him, Neale being head of the Frasier clan.

Allan felt mostly at peace with the lands and nature. He is quiet on the norm which could well be taken as brooding. Sometimes he was brooding. Easy enough to get along with but there were certain things that could stir his temper, slow burn but if it flared, anyone around him knew it immediately.

He was given lands and a dairy built to supply the three castles with milk. He now resides there and the start of a new life and destination.

The NorthStar Manor
It was built large enough to raise a family in one day.  Presently single he spends his days establishing the dairy and customers of the lands, hiring any and all needed as the business grows.

The NorthStar Dairy

Allan Scott

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