"Eepp" she chuckled as she got sprayed slightly. "Alright, give the kickstone a good shove. The first test is ta keep the wheel goin' at a constant speed." She held the fingers of one hand on the wheel's edge to gauge the speed.

Michael was going to sneak out. He didn't want to destroy the wheel just after Allan fixed it!

The first kick was a bit too hard and he near had the blob of clay spinning right off the turntable. He caught it instead but his hand landed right down on the blob of clay and squished it, one splat going Mike's way.

She laughed, couldn't help it. "Nae matter. I have another here." She stood up to get it from the work table and came back to sit on the stool. She placed it on the wheel, and spun it some, centering it for him before he tried again. "Alright Mr. Cleary, let's try again. A little less force this time." She was still chuckling.

"Hey, hey. Watch it." He growled good-naturedly, brushing at the splat. Of course that only made it worse.

"Allan. Please" A bit set back but he was willing to give it a try. This time he got the wheel going slower then a bit faster until his fingers could work wonders into the clay, looked like a tiered spiky urn that was growing taller under his hands. "Mike you got to give it one try before we have to go," easing the wheel down as he squished the blob of clay down for Mike to try. He unstraddled the stool to offer him a seat.

"Ye did verra well Allan," she said, trying to hide her chuckles at the feel of his creation. "With practice ye would be a fine potter."

He laughed and pushed off the way. "Only because Devon said I had to." Teasing her now. He took Allan's place on the stool and stared at the clay. "I can't picture that lump being anything but a lump."

"That's alright. Just give the wheel a good push. Then put yer left hand on it and keep it still. brace yer elbow on yer knee if ye have ta. Then place yer other hand on the other side. Squeeze gently ta go up, and push down slightly ta go down."

"All right." He gave the wheel a push then tried to do just as she directed. While he didn't send it flying, the wheel moving too slow, he did manage to make something that was tall and thin, but would never make a pot. He laughed as he slowed the wheel. "If I try to make that into a pot, it'll fly apart."

"Twas only yer first try.... fer both of ye. Ye did well. If ye keep it up, I may be out of a job soon." She was teasing them, though only partly. In truth they both had done well.

He rinsed off his hands then stood. "I think I'll stick to being a knight. It's easier." Grinning, he looked at Allan.

Being a knight is easier? "Well, if either of ye ever want ta try again, even fer fun, yer welcome ta." She stood also, stuck her hands in the bucket, and wiped them on the rag again. "Ye must let me repay ye somehow fer fixin' it."

"I may try it again. You might consider giving pottery lessons. Doesn't hurt to know." Other thoughts came to mind but he kept them in check. "A good night Devon, I'll be in touch or Mike here will be. One or both of us. "You can make me something special in clay then." That would suit him just fine. He made sure to collect the box with the bisque inside.

"Good night ta ye both, and thankye again so verra much. And anyone interested in learnin' I be willin' ta teach it ta." She stood up on tiptoe to give a kiss on the cheek to each. "I'll think of somethin' then." She said with a smile. "And let me know if that box be right fer yer friend and I'll start on the others."

"We'll keep that in mind in case we hear of anyone looking to learn." He leaned down for the kiss. "Good night, Devon."

"Both of ye travel safe now." She said in earnest.

With that he headed out, a smile on his face as he placed the box in the wagon then mounted up the buckboard. Moments later they were on their way.

"And I think that be the best gift ye could give her," she added with a huge smile. She always enjoyed helping people help others. "I'll start on the others right away if that one be adequate fer ye."

More to come soon.........


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