Druid Prince
of Heathfield Castle

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Keeper of the Lands

     Andrew James is the First born son of Queen Lahoneee and Argyle MacNeil. Crowned Prince and heir to the throne. He had been away for most of his youth, training extensively under the Wizard Thalan, whom had also raised and trained his mother and aunt Amberlette. Once his training was completed, he returned to take his rightful place by his mother's side. He is much like his father in looks, height of 6' 5", yet he had his mother's eyes. Piercing ocean blues eyes held a tranquility in their depths. Darken blond hair tapered down just below his shoulders. A strong jaw line and aquiline nose spoke of his royal heritage. He holds an assurance about himself, knowing whom he is and not needing the approval of others. A determined and stubborn nature, much like his mother, he saw tasks completed. Well trained in the energies of the universe and life's forces. A Druid wizard king in the making.

     In stealth he moved, like the panther at night silently within the shadows. One may never see him actually enter or leave an establishment for his ways were not flaunted. There one moment, as if he had been there all along, or moving into the crowd seemingly to disappear when leaving. His Druid  ways are of Ancients, working with the forces of nature, universal  energies that make up all of the physical world, embedded in the ethereal. What are mysteries to some are as breathing to him.  Because of his higher status in the evolution of the Spirit Soul, he knows when he can become involved, when just a helping hand, or when to let the flow go as it is intended for the overall pattern, no matter the outcome. Suffering and happiness alike are part of the growing process but, unnecessary pain is not. So we are tested, like steel tempered in the smithy's fires, to become strong.



     The  sword at his side is the Master empowered one of the 100 Swords of  Heathfield. For certain occasions,  he wears a cream silk Buccaneer's shirt with billowing sleeves, a purple sash trimmed in gold over brushed black leather pants. Other times he wears the kilt of his clan - green, blue, tan tartan, with a broach holding it at his shoulder with the ancient symbol of power - 3 pinwheels. He was born in the lands of Heathfield,  growing up as a normal child at first until his powers started to evolve and then honed. He grew into a man, destined to be more than just his status. He has seen physically, 27 summers. A Gemini born, whom has found his twin in another ancient drawn to these lands, Myles MacKeogh. Andrew was married once when a lot younger but she has been gone a long time. It was not meant to be and he harbors no ill over any of it. He had no qualms being alone as his destiny in whom he is keeps him  busy. The mixture of his bloodline renders it deadly to those of undead status. Liquid sunshine in a toxic form, inherited in the very magical creatures called Grugrach.

     That dazzle of dust particles that seemed to shimmer with the rippling of air, had him stepping in silence upon the soft bed of the forest. Sunlight filtered in dancing shards playing with the foliage of trees in nature's tranquility of deep woods. That scent of living trees and dried leaves mingled with pine needles beneath one's step, of moss and flowers that would defy having little light to bloom in a sweet fragrance. The forest bed was nature's womb and held that fresh scent of life, a kind that defied to be analyzed or any one word known to describe.  This was more his home along with the Crystal Cave, than the confines of man's structures. The Cave, nestled in the heart of the Heathfield forest, has a spell cast keeping it hidden from would be intruders. Electrical shards dance in the depths of piercing blues eyes as his powers grew. Sometimes holding the quality of a distance storm, the kind held to the sky in its quiet electrical display. He formed the Druid Circle, which called upon adepts within the lands as needed. As the years past since his return, his powers were only honed coming completely into his own. Still, life was an ongoing mystery and learning process, never let it be said it was dull, good and bad both a necessary part.

     He seemed to step from the shadows of the very trees themselves, like the stealth of a panther in a masculine silent grace emerging upon his prey. Except, there was nothing threatening about Andrew in that way. He has that very feel of nature's balm that could still the ripples upon the lakes themselves, calming them to a sheen of glass. Piercing blue eyes are edged with that shimmer of particles much like the rift he had just passed through. He wore what was comfortable, little, leaving him mostly bared chest and feet. Khaki linen pants fitted him well, held up with a wide, dark brown leather belt. The gold buckle has an inlay of the three curling spirals. A good inch of brown leather strap laid down across his chest at an angle, attached to the leather pouch at his side. Wide bands of gold adorn each upper arm, encircling well defined muscles, etched too in runic symbols. What drew one's eye was the long thin braids, one either side, that ran tapering down to his waist. These braids held their symbolic significance with the passing of time. He is not one seen out in public a lot but he is one that is always around in the background. There will be times when he is seen more often then not again. A recluse by design.

Brotherhood of the Sword


Heathfield Castle
Innis Daingneach

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Note: The char of Andrew has been developed since the year 1999 as an Ancient, Druid. This development has been depicted over these years via our Message Board. The use of his acquired abilities is with discretion and as needed to protect our rp'ing environment/group.  He does not do "parlor tricks". Due to past incidents, he has set up wards of protection in the Quad-Castle lands. He or any member adept can activate them as needed to protect themselves and others within our rooms. They are considered automatic in any magical use against the quad castle lands. The wards go off against such ridiculous concepts as *burning down the castle, *Scaling sheer stone walls hundreds of feet high, *Killing of NPC guards, *looting or placing the castle under siege, *massive destruction without cause, etc. We are freeform based but that doesn't give someone the license to do as they please in our structured environment. See under "rules" on our webpage, link above. Respect us, and we'll respect you.