Winter Garden Dance

Andrew stood in the middle of the Thistle's garden. The glow of glistened dew seemed to coat everything yet not frozen. Moonlight played in a wash over golden skin that held more a bronze to it than the length of his hair.

There had been hesitation in following him, a faltering that was rare in the light spirit of the air elemental, but she had asked much of him already, it seemed. Still, hands clasped behind her back, having left the flute behind, she approached him on quiet bare feet that did not seem to quite touch the ground, for they never became dirty or cold from the earth itself. " Am I disturbin' ye? " Quiet words, the silence of the garden making even their softness seem deafening.

Eyes were turned upon the stars above as if part of them. "I am never disturbed by your presence, Linn." It had only been within herself as piercing blue eyes turned down upon her. A motion of hand indicated the beauty of the garden that surrounded like some enchantment. "Dance for me? Dance for Mother Earth as part of the beauty she has created?" Inviting her to grace her beauty with the surrounding one.

Now t'at's somet'ing I dinna hear often. " Teasing glint in her eyes as they moved toward his face. His offer caused her head to tilt slightly, dark curls spilling over a bare shoulder. " Will ye nae dance wit' me? " Still, she spun past him in what looked at first to be slow motion, twirling into the garden in front of him with such ease and a hint of laughter not quite released. Her every movement was like gliding in the air, a leg gracefully placed curled up behind her as she spun on one toe, eyes slowly closing as the movement itself took over, the power of the beauty inspiring her.

His smile was his answer as he too could move but more in a masculine grace. A shimmer seemed to wash over him each turn he took mirroring her movements as a hand would brush down not quite touching yet would feel like it had. His aura was that enhanced as now pinpoints of lights flickered about them to join in. The Garden held its own music which Andrew brought alive. Shimmering colors changed with distance chimes upon the wind yet there was no breeze other than the stirring of air their own movements made.

Truthfully, there was no one else but the Slyph's that she danced with so freely, preferring jigs or gypsy sultry movements in public settings, but it was the Nymph in her that connected so strongly with the world around her. Power was given to her by the love and grace of the elements themselves, and she always felt like she sat on a fence between the world of reality and the one that they were dancing in now. The air caressed around the two of them in delight at their tribute, her eyes upon opening seeming a shade of pale brown that was heavily filled with brilliant gold, laughing toward him as they moved so perfectly in synch together.

It was as if the garden itself moved around them eventually as they became wrapped up in that shimmering spectrum of colors and chimes. Notes on a different level to play in the ease of the night. One that brought them around the stone walling of the fountain. Fingers in that near touch as well as arms in motion, moving precisely as well as each step. It was not a dance capable by one mere human.

She was not quite certain if she was still breathing, or if the life of the garden itself was what kept her heart beating, the sound of it loud within her ear in a steady beat that gave a flair to her performance. The next time she spun the action itself was suspended in air as they moved around the fountain, her curls quite nearly caressing against him but not quite. When she faced him again there was hazy warmth in her eyes and the kind of euphoric love only granted to something beyond human, lips partially parted and then curled into a smile, dancing now with full awareness of her partner.

Beauty spun in both the feminine and masculine as one. Mother Earth beneath and Father Universe above. Symbolic. Rhythms to match in a design created before time. The shimmer glistened to a silvery blue that swung down like a dome as motions ceased to a standstill. Andrew was tall and towered this close as the pierce of blue eyes met those of gold streaked. "Linn o' the Fae Farquhar." A new title that hit home even more than just the surname. "Nymph of the woods and forests deep." He leaned down with just the touch of his lips to the tip of her nose before straightening. "You have honored me with your dance."

His new titles had her laughing, a sound of pure joy and freedom, staring up at him with unshakable friendly devotion. Never did she feel uncomfortable with this man who was her friend. He spoke to her on too many of the same levels that others denied. " Prince o't'e sky an 'stars, t'ank ye. I've never been able tae dance wit' anot'er in t'at way. " His sweet affection was returned as she rolled up onto the tips of her toes to brush her lips against his cheek. " Will ye indulge mae a few minutes longer, me friend, an' answer a question? "

Smile swept as well the step back as he bowed. Yes. Full courtly bow and such ease he could do it in and flourished before straightening. "If I can answer your question, Linn of the Fae, you know that I will."

His bow had her laughing again, but in her giddy happiness it seemed that any small thing could erupt into joy. " I was gone t'e past week, wanderin' 'bout t'e land, as I'm sure ye ken already. If I canna leave, I may as well find what beauty Heat'field has tae offer. Which has been vast. " She was beginning to feel less like a caged bird, in her chance to explore. Fingers gripped the edges of her skirt to sink into yet another graceful curtsey, chuckling as she rose. " I heard a rumor 'bout a druid prince an' a cave. I was wonderin' ... if ye ken where it was. "

He was amused as it showed in the ocean blue eyes that held such depths, ones she probably saw more of than most. Kindred spirits to a degree but at least a better understanding than most. "You were not given the name of this Druid Prince? I am the one but the cave is for healing certain ones in need. One hewed of pure crystal whose energies are pulsed from the earth itself and the universe above. Bidirectional and complete."

Oh. Sae ... I canna visit it, t'en? " Her disappointment was sincere, but not much could lower her spirit after this evening. The partial dismay caused her to nibble upon her bottom lip thoughtfully, but she accepted his answer with a nod of her dark head, curls shaking along with the movement. Linn understood that some magic and things just could not be questioned. " Well, I suppose I'll just gae tae t'e Crystal Lake instead! T'at was on mae list. " Her smile lit up her features once again, reaching forward to poke him lightly in the side. " Yuir such a helpful fellow, Andrew. "

"That will be determined in time Linn midear. Nothing is ever impossible but I make no promises at this point." He was training one and the cave was in use presently. A hand lifted as the brush of the backs of his fingers came down in a caress to her cheek. "Maybe in time. So far it has only been used for those who needed healing." He didn't go into who or what for that was left to those individuals. The touch there then gone before he took on that distant look. "Myles is contacting me on something I will need to check out with him." Focusing back as the pierce of blue eyes met golds. That moment to linger suspended before a smile swept like the rising sun. "Sleep well this night Linn, dance with the Nymphs in your dreams along the shoreline of the crystal lake."

I will sleep well, t'anks tae a guid friend o'mine, Andrew. " His explanation at the beginning was accepted with the same calm inclination of her head, trusting that what he said was true. If it was possible, he would let her know. " Ye bae well, an' I hope tae see ye again soon. It always is guid tae see ye. " Her smile met his own with a strange sweetness to it that was rare for her sultry self, pressing her fingers to her lips and then carefully setting the tips of her fingers against his own in gracious farewell. " Take care, Prince. "

She would feel the press of his for the warmth and energy there. One that came in a subtle undercurrent she might even realize was held back. It would leave that tingle upon her fingertips as if kissed by the stars. One moment there, next moment gone in that shimmer that had bound them in dance only moments ago. It was his farewell this night.


The farewell had her smiling, as it certainly would the rest of the evening and perhaps even some of the following day! Sleep was not about to come easily for her quite yet, so she started back toward the Thistle tavern.