Pakhet - Into the Mists
Continued from the 'Attack on the Temple'

In Anhur's dazed state of mind, he had prepared the room in which he would sleep. The point reached where even the strong herbal remedy could no longer work. Not only his body but his mind demanded sleep. The temple was attacked for the draw of the chest they confiscated and what little energy level he had was depleted in this battle. Instead of having the advantage of gradually falling into the planes of sleep, he fell into them unconscious. By the time he left the room where the chest was destroyed everything went black. One of the guards was there to catch him as he fell. He was taken to the room which was set up in protection.

The room chosen was one that depicted the various statues of their gods. Sobek, Ra, Shu, Geb and Osiris. There was a small marble altar to the back of the room with bowls of incense set to burn. No window to show yet there was circulation of air which touched upon silks draped over smaller alcoves where various items were stored. A few torches along the walls offered a low golden light that played flickering shifting shadows with the forms of the statues. As the night drew on all seemed to calm within the temple. The rise and fall of Anhur's chest would indicate he slept well without incident as a long hour drone on from the time he had collapsed

One of the torches flared up to send a blast of light over the statue of Osiris, illuminating the cold chiseled stone for that flashing moment. Washing over it in a golden light. On a deeper level a sultry coaxing voice was heard within Anhur's mind. "Anhur, come with me." Silence. Eyelids twitched as the shifting of his eyes beneath could be seen. Such was not unusual for when one entered the deeper dream state. REM. Any in the room, however, might feel a prickling sensation like a chilled finger brushing against the back of their necks. The intensity depending on how honed their mystical area was developed.

"Anhur.." Like a siren's song sweetly singing. "I have something to give you." The brush of her words swirled within that unconscious void he was in to draw the water elemental to her. If Pakhet was annoyed for having to wait on this male, her voice never gave off such tones. A week here, could be eons there in her world or but a breath's intake. A world she had been promised she could cross into once she fulfilled her obligation. A mate she would possess and use to her will against the rest. A decade in passing since the hand of the General crushed the various shells of the sea. Mollusks, sand dollars, star fish, were all mixed with sand to create her. Gods called upon as the purple spine sea urchin was used as the catalyst.

Darken clouds rolled in over the ocean sending its waves to crest higher until one rose up only to come down over the offering given in ritual. As the wave drew back there stood beauty of a kind few could compare to. Pakhet had been born to the General's will and command until one day she would have her freedom. An entity of long ago claimed by the very sea she was drawn from owed him this rebirth. One that in a lifetime before had honed the gifts of the mystics. She helped with the plagues on the al-Azhar family and so marked one male for herself being they were expendable. What would fully bring her to human again would be to become impregnated. With a life-force within she would be granted her own fully upon its birth.

Sunlight replaced the storm mirrored in the dark golden lights of her hair with eyes the color of seafoam. Coral was the hue touched upon plush lips like the reefs of the oceans beds. Skin the color of sand kissed by the sun. Movements like the drift of jelly fish, long legged and tapered hands that held an inhuman strength. A goddess in appearance but so was that very deception of physical attributes. She was perfection.

Only the General could see what she truly was and reminded in the reflection of his eyes that gazed upon her. She was humbled only before him. His promise to give her what she appeared as a reality if she did his bidding in the days to come. Once he had what he desired, so would she. Their pact ending.

Anhur of the al-Azhar was chosen by her for two reasons, his affiliation in being a water elemental and the mere fact she was drawn to his physical beauty. He would sire a handsome child. She had made her connection with him once and so this time it would be a stronger one. She had not seduced him completely the first time for his resistance would be too strong if he knew her goal and then be able to shut her out. Now, was the moment in his even greater weakness she had waited for. Once more the drawing pull of her voice would coax him to her. "Anhur, it is time to come with me to visit the sea and a new dance to be learned." The light brush of her hand could be felt within his mind upon his arm physically.

Anhur's eyelids twitched more as the shifting roll of his eyes beneath became more erratic. The fluxing light from the torches seem to pick up on this very feel of the pulling and resistance. Even his fingers started to minutely twitch.

It was Deshira that got the others after Anhur had passed out not knowing what else to do.

Anhur's body seemed to become more translucent as the voice he heard took hold drawing him into this otherworld physically and mentally. The crossing over would leave his body fading to become that gateway left in his wake. They would see the mist swirling in muted glowing hues of a grayish white mixed with varying shades of blue left behind as he disappeared within. The gateway would only last for a certain duration. That amount of time it would take Pakhet to claimed him completely. Once mated it would close for good keeping him locked in that other world with her until her own release from this prison.

Desh just blinked when she saw Anhur disappear. She was wondering where he went and before any could stop her, she pulled away and was following.

He found himself in a dreamworld that finally took on form and there was Pakhet as his eyes met hers while the surrounding was only marginally taken in. Mists and silks mostly. The draw was too mesmerizing to have him look away even when a small voice in the back of his mind came in that warning. He struggled to no avail as he felt paralyzed on another level.

The sound of the ocean could be heard like one holding a conch shell to their ear. The steady flow of waves always seemed to sound near in all directions but never seen. This place Pakhet resided in held not to time nor dimension. An alternate reality. Illusions drifted like the silks that seemed to hang in the air itself. A thick fog carpeted the ground hiding it completely to what laid beneath.

Mist rose in whiffs with the hint of salty ocean sea spray. With each movement it would easily send them to swirl. Iridescent lights of whitish blues and greens seem to come from no particular origin like the mists. There was no source of reflection of anything that existed on this alternate plane. The air was of a clean scent and cooler like a cave keeping the heat at bay during a summer's day. Not cold for the mists held the warmth.  In silken waves of seaweed foam various rooms were formed.

Pakhet guided Anhur to one that held a bed made of moss lined over a large sea sponge. Sultry words caressed as fingers ran down along his chest. Scratches littered upon his skin soon found the soothing touch of moistened lips. Where they trailed the skin healed. "I shall heal all your wounds Anhur." Hands caressed downwards along the bronzed skin of his thighs as she lowered to entice. "I will give you such pleasure unmatched by any other."

Anhur was trapped now by Pakhet's words as eye contact left and a moan to follow. He was out of control over his own body and mind except for one little corner that allowed him to know just what was happening. Even if he could do nothing about it. Eyes closed, forced, to the sensations as he could even feel his body healing. Drawn. Desire initiated to life. It was a distant call that started to make his body twitch.

She kept Anhur locked to her mind as with a wave of her hand, she straightened up to suspend that moment. Locking the male there. There were intruders. Words in a tongue never heard but more like the washing of waves was sent forth to the one that called out. She blocked off that cell that contained Anhur as she went to do her battles. The guard was the first to find the webbing of attack. She even sent her Calvary through the gateway to make sure none others came through. Pakhet was furious her plans were being disrupted. Her military was being sent out in all directions with the cast of her hand that sent silks and mists swirling. All intruders would be found
and attacked. She considered Anhur hers and she was protecting her possession.

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