She tumbled forward through that portal and stood, dark eyes wide at what was before her.  The guard could be heard but she wasn't certain that was him in front of her.  She pulled the almost too large scimitar she had been carrying as a matter of pride since the fight for the chest.  Not for the first time, Desh regretted her impulsiveness, but it was too late. "ANHUR!"  She called out her brother's name then she felt something crawling on her legs and looked down.  Starfish were crawling up her legs, many kinds but prevalent were the spidery ones. She tried kicking them off, as they pulled at her, almost as if they were trying to draw her down into the mists.  She yelped out the guard's name, "Atum," then in a panic, tried one of the incantations she knew. If she were lucky, the starfish would become something quite out of place here... butterflies.

With Pakhet leaving the room he was sealed in, it gave him an edge as that small corner of consciousness grew enough to hear his name. He called out mentally to the for they were on that level to hear. Physically his lips were not cooperating as well for the numbness of his body that came in more twitching as he fought against it. "heeeee" Was all he could get out and it didn't sound overly loud even to his ears. He kept trying.

The spider urchins were her nemesis as she headed there where one was taken down. Call it a pet peeve to go after the one that killed one of her kin. Still, she kept track of the attacks as orders were given through those very mists they arose from. If Tarik survived the two left of her kin he would find her standing there in all her glory and beauty as some mirage out of place.

Desh stared in surprise when the starfish became butterflies, but their method of attack only changed. Beautiful as they were, they were landing on her face and body trying to smother her. She began swatting at them, smacking some with the sword, some with her hand. The most elementary spells were what she knew, and as she ducked her head to try to get the insects from her mouth, she made the smallest flame appear in her hand.  The things would catch fire and fall away but she'd be able to breath.

The pain sliced through the mental holding as surely as a sharp knife through membrane. It was then he called out loud and clear. "Desh!, Atum!" His body released with his own scream as the last hold was thrown off and he around to find a way out of this room of silks. He was tearing them aside only to find himself back where this mock bed was. He would dash to the other side in what he thought was a straight line out only to come back to that same starting point. Sweat was starting to bead along his forehead and run down the sides of his temples. Last resort he started tearing the bed itself apart.

Yusuf had been checking the grounds, when he felt the draw to the temple.  As he ran inside, he could hear the sound of fighting. Both scimitars were drawn as he ran into the room.  He couldn't believe his eyes. one guard stood with corpses of what seemed to be sea horses. A quick explanation was all that was allowed before an ominous sound was heard. "Go. Bring more guards." Yusuf ordered before turning to face giant armed crabs.   With a quick prayer to Amun-Ra, he was advancing, dancing around and under the first of the monster's, avoiding its claws barely to deliver two blows to the underbelly.

Her voice luring, seductive as a hand held out with the curl of her fingers. "You are looking for your comrade..." Eyes held his to mesmerize. "...come with me." The spider crabs held off as they would not attack unless the one wasn't lured. Lured to follow off a cliff for he'd never know when the ground would no longer be beneath his feet.

The girl brushed off most of the butterflies, stomping a few in a fit of anger. Some still clung to hair and clothing but she ignored them. She started forward again in the direction she was certain she had seen Atum. Scimitar clenched tight in one hand. Occasionally, Desh would reach up and smack another annoying insect away from her face. That had certainly backfired!

One crab had fallen but there were others.  A claw caught his arm, enough to cut deep but he was under that one as well.  A chair used to launch himself up. Slippery as their shells were, he kept his footing. Eyestalks destroyed on one sent it crashing and snapping into the others. He fell to the floor with a sharp exhale of breath, then rolled out of the way, regaining his feet. Ignoring the pain, he checked on the guard then went after another.

The mirror image projected was dispelled by the blade to disrupt it as Pakhet stood at a safe distance in watch. She would advance on him again had it not been for the voices now assailing her mind. Whispering winds of sea frosted air mingled with the sounds of waves to draw louder. She turned around in a spin as her hands reached to cover her ears and send it spiraling out and away from her as she spun. She needed to take her captive away from here as once the sounds were dispelled she was in a dash there. A myriad of silks spun in her wake as surly as a labyrinth to follow. The spider crabs would take care of the warrior man. She stopped dead in her tracks as a woman appeared within her misty domain. She recognized her resemblance to the other. She was of the al-Azhars. "You're family is doomed, Rahmirre." She knew this one's name. "It is only a matter of time. Chaos like the stormy sea splits within and the darkness will befall what is left to bury deep. Out of my way or I will take you to him right now as his bride." Threats that should hold for the truth they bore and she a connection to the other if she didn't step down. All Pakhet wanted was the male to free her from her own hell. She might not be able to hide that from one like Rahmirre for it was there in her eyes.

"Amun-Ra's teeth!"  Desh yelled out in indignation as sea fans sprung up, sending her sprawling. The sword fell with a loud clatter, and she scrambled for it, grabbing the hilt just as one of the leftover butterflies, covered her eye. Swatting at it, she began cursing in a way that would have made the sailors on a ship proud. At the same time, she smashed some of the sea fans with the flat of her sword.  When she heard Atum, she looked up and gave him a familiar sheepish smile, then yelped when one of the fans sprung up and wrapped around her ankle.

Anhur had the sponge bed ripped apart and pieces thrown to scatter the silks. They would disappear into the mists, although the larger pieces could be seen by their tips. It was the presence of his sister that drew him away from his vengeance for they were that close in kindred spirit. He followed that feel to lead him through silks at a curving angle instead of straight. Distortion came within even the sense of direction unless by feel alone on another level. He would soon be where she was in a matter of minutes.

Back in the room, Yusuf had been thrown when one of the crabs swung huge claws and clipped him. He was back on his feet and charging again, yelling as he kept the things back from the others.  One of the guards rushed in, joining him to in the fight. "By the gods, the temple smells like a fishing boat!"  That angered him as much as the attack on his family. Twice the temple had been besieged.

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