It is said that Angels walk amongst us in what would appear the most unlikely sorts.

The Hippy Era was one of distinction in becoming more open minded and liberal. A live and let live. A strive for peace and harmony. Flower Children. A rebellion against corrupt authority that would squash rights instead of protect them, which in turn herald the protesting of the controversial Viet Nam War. The Boppers became the Beatniks who emerged into the Hippies and by the end of the 60s decade, on July 20, 1969, Mankind took its first steps on the moon. It was an era of scientific advancements that were as science fiction to centuries prior.

Music soared in this new age emerging with Elvis then onward to The Beatles, Rolling Stones and other such bands making landmark steps that led to the Woodstock Musical Festival on August 15, 1969, something phenomenal for so many to gather together in peace and harmony. A musical event that was as big as a small city.


It was a time of innocence, a time of self discovery and the importance of the individual. A time of human rights no matter what religion or color of your skin. It was a time of awakening for David de Roiste along with a few others of his kind in what was not only their true identify and heritage but their destiny.

A perfect era for the new breed of Missionaries borne of the Third Faction to emerge from.