Six Foot Five.
Golden brown hair.
Smokey green eyes.
Twenty-five years old.

Roche being the American version, David went back to the original spelling. He was a head above most. Although height alone didn't make a man it certainly wasn't a deterrent. He was living life to the fullest. Where his ancestors had traveled by equine, centuries later saw their descendent upon a motorcycle.Life in the Fast Lane had come to a rest as David went into self discovery in finding his roots.

It is thought the Roches originated in Flanders. They certainly arrived in Ireland with the Normans from Roch Castle. They multiplied to become five different branches. David Roche, ancestor he was named after, who was created 1st Viscount Fermoy in 1570, was an ancestor of Princess Diana of Wales. The 8th Viscount Roche was one of the leaders in the rebellion of 1641

It was in his heritage blueprint for the qualities needed for a new kind of Missionary. On a hot summer's night in '69, David has an up close and persoanl experience in the paranormal that set his life's course on a different path, forsaking even his vices. Some call it a rude awakening in reality. It is said that Angels walk amongst as the most unlikely sorts. Eventually he ended up in the lands of Heathfield more than not.


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OOC: Character created 11-05.
No claims are made on the pictures used. They are for reference only on how this fictional character would look.
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