Prince of Ballicastle

Owner of
Ballicastle Smelter and the Meadowland Kennels

Fifth in the line of ten sons born to Mary and Chadrick McAndrews I
Six Foot Five * Dusty blue eyes 
Reddish blond hair with a tendency to curl.
Thirty-one summers

It was its own struggle to grow up amongst nine other brothers and find one's own niche. It was no different for Edward, aka Eddie. Although his father was a war hero, it didn't ease the pain in losing him to death, his wisdom and his love in the years to come nor to watch the heartache of their mother Mary for losing the man she loved, even if she tried to hide it from them. She had become their pillar of strength as they grew into men.

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Disclaimer: The photo used is reference only, for the fictitious character of Edward is of the talented actor Nicholas Cage. Eyes were made bluer to go along with the description of this character. No claims are made. Only claims are on the photos of the castle and pup.

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